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The Top 5 Lessons That History Taught Us!

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History could repeat to haunt us if we are not prepared to amend based upon the past happenings. It makes sense to learn for someone else’s experiences rather than learning everything from self.

History has produced scores of extraordinary personalities who excelled in their respective fields and provided us some highly useful insights; some for us to remember and follow and others to avoid.

Though the list of lessons is quite big, the below-mentioned are the top ones from the author’s perspective

Lovers can be slayed but not Love

Romeo and Juliet became the symbols of pure love and sent a message to the world that war can separate lovers but not love. Love is eternal.

Power mongering could change mindset

Equations could alter swiftly in politics and any plot can be hatched even by a close friend when it comes to attaining political power.
The killing of Julius Caesar is a perfect example as he was stabbed in the back by his close aide Brutus. It is relevant in today’s politics also.

Worship the Teachings not Individuals

Unpleasant experiences with German Nazi teach us a lesson that individuals can become corrupt once they attain power.
Wise is one who is wedded with the concept of teachings and virtues but does not engage in the practice of worshiping of personalities.

Nothing is permanent and bound to vanish

The Roman Empire that ruled roost for over 100 years caved in highlighting the fact that nothing can be considered permanent.

Ideas are more potent than guns

The Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin, stressed on the importance of ideas saying “Ideas are more potent than guns. We would not let our enemies to be defended by guns.
Why should we allow them to breed ideas? He suggested ideas can be equally risky.

Conclusion: In essence, history gives a message for us to move forward, identify our blunders, take lessons and ultimately build a better society for all.

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