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Early Years at CGR

In our Foundation Stage our dedicated teachers encourage and promote ‘active’ learning throughout all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) preparing them for a smooth and happy transition into the Primary School.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The child is exposed to varied experiences through storytelling, role play, group activities, music, dance, field trips and games. The opportunity to explore and discover prepares them for a smooth transition of the child from the preparatory to primary level.

Physical Development.

Communication and Language.


Mathematics (Numeracy Skills).

Understanding the World (General Awareness).

Expressive Arts and Design.

Our teachers encourage and extend each child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm as they build their range of skills. Over the course of the day, the children will learn in groups, pairs and individually across a range of different activities as we discover their learning styles and preferences. Language development is a core skill at this stage. The children will be encouraged to communicate their ideas using an increasing range of words and structures across a diverse range of themes. (EYFS) prepares children them for a smooth and happy transition into the Primary School.