Activities to keep Kids Occupied during the Pandemic

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Activities to keep Kids Occupied during the Pandemic - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
Activities to keep Kids Occupied during the Pandemic - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Pandemic (Covid-19) has thrown our life off the axis and it affected children more than adults. Getting accustomed to this new norm of education was a tedious task initially but now the new challenge is how to keep children occupied in positive activities for school time. We are aware that the current generation is missing out on a lot of things that traditional ways of learning used to impart and provide holistic development of kids. Activities such as playing with friends, picnics, outdoor activities, campus activities, stage events, and more used to keep children busy. So the new challenge is how to keep children busy and motivated?

What to do next after Online classes?

Try a mix of exciting things for your kids to keep them occupied while at home. This will enhance your child’s development as well as allow you to work peacefully and maintain a balanced lifestyle at home. Here are some activities to try to keep your child occupied:

  1. Indoor Games: These days pre-school kids have been introduced to Online Classes. They are already exposed to digital screens at an early age during scheduled classes. Most kids are attracted to mobiles or other digital gadgets to watch videos or games introduced to them. Thus, they tend to spend less time with their physical toys and games. In this perspective children’s habit of spending time on digital gadgets must be discouraged. Instead, give them indoor games like Carrom, Snake & Ladder, Ludo, Soft Toys, Building-Blocks, Chit games, Dots & Boxes, Puzzles, etc. As a toddler’s age is tender and it is essential to protect your child’s eyesight. providing age-appropriate toys that are free from sharp edges helps in development of motor skills and visualization skills.
  2. Drawing and Painting: Drawing and Painting are some of the best activities to keep children occupied. Children like colors and they like to explore things on paper sheets. Painting or coloring helps with improving hand-eye coordination. Use of both hands, develops creativity and identifying colors. It need not be a perfect painting. It is acceptable and perfectly fine if the colors go here and there. Let the little hands scribble and color in freestyle that pleases them. You can always guide them to make it better without judging. Also, appreciate their creative work because it will make them happy and have a positive impact.
  3. Pictorial Books: Encourage your kids to read pictorial books. At the age between 2 to 4 years kids cannot read much but they are able to relate better to things and objects visually. Hence, they can learn many valuable lessons easily through influential books such as rhyme books, short stories, with more images and little text. Kids of this age have less attention span and thus books with few pages can keep them focused. It will help them develop their creative skills and broaden their imagination. There is nothing right or wrong in their interpretation of pictures. so, parents should encourage children to read.
  4. Involve them in your daily chores: Involving kids in your chores makes them feel that they are included and not ignored. With their little understanding and willingness to help there is a possibility to land up messy work. But never mind……. giving them little manageable tasks might help. Without being harsh you can convince and win their hearts. They can stand by your side and watch your work. This also teaches them to be patient and do tasks independently.
  5. Dedicating valuable time to Kids: Give necessary time to children apart from spending time with them during Online classes. It is important to lend your ears to their queries. Respond when they ask something. Give full attention when they express something. This allows them to share their thoughts and feelings openly. It makes them feel that they are cared for and given attention. Spare some time from your busy schedule and just be with your kids, accompanying them in play and fun time. It means a lot to them. Overall it builds their self-esteem and develops an optimistic attitude. This improves parent-child bonding.

Keeping children engaged or occupied all the time becomes a challenging task for parents and caretakers. Yet when kids grow up with good upbringing there is no fear of being misled in life. The curiosity of children will further lead them to new discoveries. This curiosity when channelized in the right way results in them being successful in the future. Let children grow freely like birds in their little world exploring unique things and advancing in life.

At CGR International School we nurture wholesome growth of children imbibing values and habits focused on their proper growth and development. We believe Children are our future and everything matters on how we influence them in their learning stages.

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