What Parents Say

Good morning. Hope you are doing well. I am Anshika.M's mother from 6 A.

I have a feedback to share with you. Thought messaging would be a better means than the email.

We are extremely happy with the teachers and way you are conducting classes with dedication despite the challenges of going online.

As you know, each kid is different. While it was easy for some of them to adjust to the new routine, others are still struggling getting into ease. With my kid, it is the latter case, and becomes more difficult with both of us working full time. We always have the guilt of not being able to guide and help her well with her following the classes and her curriculum regularly.

But must say, the teachers are phenomenal. We feel very fortunate to have such knowledgeable, well-trained teachers for the kid. Uma mam, Sailaja mam for Maths, Samhitha mam and Shailaja mam for science need a special mention and applause. They have loads of patience, get across the subject with great fluidity and precision, are very friendly and caring with their students. Uma mam is very compassionate and understanding. All of her other teachers are also great and good at their subjects.

We wanted to extend heartfelt thanks for understanding the challenges from parents point of view and standing strong with us.

Thanks to all teachers for everything that you do and going beyond your call of duty, making the kids comfortable, having so much fun in classes and encouraging them constantly towards their betterment.

Mam, you are doing a great job. Right from the selection of teachers, conducting classes, encouraging kids with extra curricular activities from time to time, keeping tabs on things going with all the students... everything is commendable. More power to you mam, keep going.. you will go places definitely and we pray for your success. Thanks again from the bottom of the heart. Having a great experience with the teachers

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(Mother from 6 A.)

I got transfer from Bangalore to Hyd in 2022 . As a father school is always the tough part to take decision which school is will best for our wards. We went many schools in HYD . Some schools are very higher in fees and some school are very far. I need to choose one which is close to Hitech city so that I can manage my office and School .

I was very impressed with Mrs Kavita and Jyotsna madam. They really give us respect and very good information about CGR school which we are looking . So finally we took CGR and since last 2 years my daughter is studying here .

Extra curriculum/sports/very good teacher's and the most important part very experience Principal ( Mrs Jyotsna and Mrs Neha) they both are pillars of CGR school. All teachers are also very kind and helpful.

Irshad Parwez

Thanks for the wonderful children's day celebration.
It was very creative !!
Thanks to the entire team CGR for their awesome efforts to make children feel special and happy.

Arundhati & Shrinath
(Parents of Gaurav and Vaibhav)

Sincere thanks to Jyotsna ma'am, Zarina ma'am, Shruti ma'am, Raji ma'am & all those who pursued this opportunity that provided great experience for kids. Hearty Congratulations to all children who participated with lot of enthusiasm & energy. Such trips not only helps to learn but gives opportunities to interact with varied folks & understand things from different perspectives. Best wishes to all CGRs for many more participation's like this.

Ms. D Rajani Kumar -
Parent of D Venkata Sai Varun Grade X

Thanku all specially Principal ma'am,Vice Principal ma'am, Raji Ma'am and Shruti ma'am for making this wonderful trip a great success !...Really thanks for your guidance and co- operations... we all appreciate your efforts

Ms. Ruchi Chopra -
Patent of Anika Chopra Grade IX A

Thank u teachers......for this wonderful trip.....had alot of fun and carried alot of memories.....will never 4get this.....thank u once again.... principal ma'am....vice principal ma'am.....Sruthi ma'am....and Raji maam

Bhavika Reddy
student Grade IX

Thank you very much for highlighting Vaibhav's achievement at UTSAV. Also, would thank CGR for giving parents a chance to perform at the event. Special thanks to Sai sir for training us. Kudos to the entire CGR team for the stellar performance! A big congratulations to all the kids, staff & management. Here's wishing CGR all the success in future!

Ms. Arundhati & Shrinath Shenoy -
Parent of Vaibhav Shrinath Shenoy Grade II-B

It was a lovely effort and absolutely stunning performance by the kids God bless you all and a big thanks to all the teachers.

Ms. Hima Bindu -
Parent of Dhulipati Jahnavi Grade VII-B

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole Utsav 2018 event. Every child rocked on the stage. Kids performance showed the efforts that had been put in by the teachers. Thanks for all the support !!

P.Shivani -
Parent of B.V.S. Sahasra Grade V-A

It was like her other home, such is trust I have in the Management, the Staff/ Teachers. Behavior, attitude and the standard of education are high class.

Manila Kabra -
Parent of PoortiKabra Grade II-C

Professionalism, Teaching and Caring – All I can is that “CGR” has all in one.

K.Venugopal Rao -
Parent of RathuraKavuru Grade VIII & DhanuraKavuru Grade IV-C

CGR International School is a very good school.My kids learnt a lot due to holistic approach adopted by the school.

Neetu Bhan -
Parent of Saanvie Bhan Grade VI-B & Anikaet Bhan Grade IV-C

Excellent school. Teachers really take good care of students. Big thanks to the school and teachers for making a positive change in my daughter’s behavior.

Praveen Mohan -
Parent of Vaidehi Praveen Grade II-C

The CGR International School is marked by exceptional guidance by Principal Madam and excellent teaching staff. We are very thankful and feel blessed that Sreeja is a part of the school.

Samik Basu -
Parent of Sreeja Basu Grade VI-A

I have been encouraged continuously not just in academics, but also in all other activities. We do at the school.

From technology exploration, Math test to cultural activities, our teachers always guide us to achieve the best.

Machaneru Sai Anusha -
Class X

CGR has great teachers and engaging classrooms. We are always ready to explore and learn something new every day. We were always hesitant to learn difficult concepts. Our facilitators are very patient and explain those difficult concepts in a simple manner. This makes learning easy and fun for us.

Angel Mathew Thattil -
Class IX

There are quite a few things to say about CGR School. I find that CGR International School provides fresh, healthy and nutritious food. My son has reaped benefits out of academic concepts taught at school. Today, he progressed to develop coding in LINUX. I am glad that the school teaching staff have been caring, compassionate and helpful from the very beginning.

Vijay Kumar Yadav -
Father of Om Anand Grade-X

Upon changing my job location from Chandigarh to Hyderabad, I was searching for an elite school environment to admit my daughter in the 9th standard. I am really happy that my search ended on a happy note. Applause to CGR International School for removing the fear of Math from my daughter’s mind.

Pankaj Arora -
Father of Dhvani Arora Grade-X