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Guide to Choose Best School for your child

Tips for Choosing a Best School for Your Child in India

Undoubtedly, Schooling is one of the most vital phases of any person’s life. Our learning roots come from the respective schools that help us to be successful in our careers and life. Every child is unique and as a parent, you might be wondering what those important factors are to

Leadership Skills in Your children

The Art of Instilling Leadership Skills In Your Children

As we live in challenging times, children need to learn and grow by overcoming the challenges and creating a win-to-win environment for their careers and life. A famous quote by Nelson Mandela – “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow,” is inspiring. Self-discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills can be

Emotional Intelligence in Children

The Art of Inculcating Emotional Intelligence In Your Preschooler

One of the key factors responsible for a Child’s Holistic Growth is Emotional Intelligence, also known as EI. EI recognizes, understands, and manages emotions. As parents, we expect kids to excel in every part of their activities, sports and develop a passion for academics, etc. Many ways can help to

Meeting Parents’ concerns during the ‘Pandemic’

Do you have sizzling concerns for your child in this striking prevalent Covid 19 scenario? Are you overwhelmed with the new normal? Stay calm because every year has come with some obstacles or the other yet haven’t we survived the tragic events. Struggles teach us to fight and overcome the

Impact on Children and Parents due to Digital Schooling

It all began in 1980, when the glorious Digital Revolution set the first foot forward. The new aired concept of Digital Schooling or Digital Learning had to evolve rapidly to save the time of need leading the drastic shift from traditional classroom learning to blended digital learning. Innovation and technologies

How to get kids to use digital devices sparingly?

The Digi century is seemingly delved into a fast forward life. Work pressure has simultaneously increased with the growing technologies aiming towards optimum utilization of available minimal resources. Social gatherings have transited to online platforms and we hardly communicate face to face now. This has also massively affected children’s behavior.

Ensuring Safety measures at school before it commences

Ensuring Safety measures at school before it commences Are you in a dilemma to send your kid back to school ! Is it safe to send kids to school at this juncture! Schools are making a clean pathway to start over again after the high-tension pandemic. Students are eager to

Cultivating Self –learning and Self – reading habits in Children

Cultivating Self –learning and Self – reading habits in Children Recall back and see what kind of memories have imprinted our lives…..Is it the material stuff, places, adventures or people? Childhood is admired as the most wonderful time which everyone goes through once in lifetime. Do you remember those childhood

Haritha Haram

Cultivating the habit of nurturing plants right from childhood A revered thing covering most of the planet earth is plants. The existence of plants is the true sign of life. Plant comprises grass, trees, bushes, ferns, mosses, and more. Basically, Plants are made up of leaves, stems, roots, flowers and

Christmas Celebration – Festival of Carols

Are you excited to see Santa and unbox your gifts? Yes, Christmas is near and here to bring you new tidings while at home. Tis the season to be jolly falalala lalala…. Christmas is an auspicious time we all long for. It’s an eve celebrated with great pomp and show