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Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Children

Activities outside of school are a fantastic method for children to discover about the world that surrounds them. It is essential to provide them with an outlet for their enthusiasm and interest, to help them develop into an adult who is healthy and well-rounded with an array of information and experience. More

Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers

The systematic process of analysing facts and information and taking educated decisions based upon the analysis is referred to as “Critical Thinking. Skills such as the ability to make decisions, observe, analyse assessment and explanation, inference and interpretation are essential to the process of critical thinking. In our fast-paced world

What are the ways to promote self-improvement in children?

Every parent wishes for your child to learn and improve themselves. According to studies and research, children who invest in self-development early-on, can eventually lead to greater achievements in their careers. However, it’s difficult to determine exactly what to teach children about self-improvement. Don’t worry, below are some suggestions that will aid you

What Is the Importance of Punctuality in a Student’s Life?

What is the significance of being punctual for students? The habit of being punctual gives children the advantage that they need to succeed in life. It also is an essential factor in helping them achieve academic and professional performance. Adults and professionals are adamant about punctuality, not only because it’s

Ways To Make Your Child Independent

True independence is based on the self-confidence to be who we are and the ability of our identity and the things it is that we desire. Children may depend on us in the present however, eventually they will develop into independent thinkers and people who can do things for themselves.

Why Are Hobbies Important in Child’s Learning and Development

Do your children have any hobbies? If no, then as a parent we must help them in identifying one. With the coming of the digital age,  it is becoming outdated for many to have a physical hobby, however activities for children play an important role in the development of essential

How To Improve Children’s English-Speaking Skills

Every parent wants their children to become proficient in English. As a language English is universal and the most used method of communication globally, hence it is crucial to learn English in the early years of a child’s education. While technology has made it easier to learn English, as there

Social Skills That Children Should Have

With the digital age beginning to be a constant in our daily lives, social skills have become more crucial and important than any other set of skills for our future generation that is likely to be interacting with Artificial Intelligence and will be confronted with the reality just behind the

Tips To Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary At Home

The development of vocabulary is essential for children to comprehend the meaning of the language they learn. Furthermore, having a robust vocabulary for children improves confidence and social skills throughout the years of childhood and into adulthood. Apart from the formal curriculum, your contribution to the vocabulary of your child

The Importance Of Sports In Student’s Life

We cannot deny that sports contribute to the overall development and development of a person. In reality, we know that there are many sports stars such as Rahul Dravid or Anil Kumble, who were outstanding scholars, but found success through sports. Sports is one of the most effective sources is