Holistic Growth

We believe holistic education is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, the school strives to nurture all aspects of a child's personality. At CGR we help children achieve all round development and shape multi-faceted personalities. While academics form the core, the co-curricular and extracurricular activities are accorded due importance and adequate time in the school time-table and curriculum.

These activities not only serve to tap the innate and latent talents of a child but also enhance the attention span, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. They promote the kind of confidence that's needed to excel in today's world. Students are introduced to all activities in a graded manner. Specialist teachers ensure that the pleasures and rewards of creative work complement academic study.

Sports & Games

The school offers indoor and outdoor facilities for all sporting events such as Table Tennis, Karate, Chess, Yoga, Dance, and Music.

We have partnered with EduSports Programme, India's first integrated school sports and physical education platform, with an aim to ensure the healthy development of children through conducting sporting activities. Further, active participation in sports helps children in improving their health and fitness levels too. EduSports has different modules to suit:

The critical needs of CGR

Parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience

Performing Arts (Dance, Drama & Music)


Dance and education are viewed as complementary domains of knowledge. Dance represents an intelligent expression of human experience and is an important source of understanding that contributes to the children's cognitive, emotional and physical growth in multicultural settings. We strive to inculcate in our students a love for this art form and are confident that it will go beyond being a mere hobby. Our goal is to facilitate the development of every individual child's abilities and also increase his/her knowledge in the field.

dance - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad


Music is considered a fundamental component of human culture and behaviour. Music, like language, is an accomplishment that distinguishes us as humans. Music can play a vital role in the development of the whole child and their scholastic journey. At CGR, it plays the twin role of being a fun filled activity as well as an educational activity. Music helps develop an appreciation for rhyme and rhythm in the students and also helps building their memory and auditory skills. Music education touches on all the domains of learning, including the psychomotor domain (the development of skills) and the cognitive domain (the acquisition of knowledge). It lays the foundation for music appreciation and sensitivity.

music - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Art & Craft

The medium of visual arts gives wings to the imagination of our students and makes it come alive with the use of their hands. Making art also builds children's self-esteem by giving those opportunities to express what they are thinking and feeling. Young children feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art, whether they are modeling with clay, drawing with crayons, or making a collage from recycled scraps. Activities centered on making art also require children to make decisions and conduct self-evaluations. While making art, young children develop control over large and small muscle groups. Making art also helps the children develop eye-hand coordination. Also, Art fosters the development of children's aesthetic sense.

art - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Communication and Parent Involvement

CGR School strongly believes that positive school-parent communication is vital in shaping the future of children. The school makes an effort to communicate with parents about the happenings in the classroom through holding parent-teacher meetings from time to time.

Communication and Parent Involvement - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Public Speaking

Students at CGR get to participate in public speaking that helps them to speak effectively and convincingly. When students get to engage in this from an early age they evolve into good orators. Effective public speaking is influence and influence is leadership!

Public Speaking - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Social Awareness

We believe that education is preparing a student for the challenges of life. The need of the hour is to groom socially responsible citizens and we leave no stone unturned in this endeavor.

Social Awareness - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Field Trips

CGR International conducts field trips in keeping with the unit of study. These field trips are vitally important as they give our students hands-on experience and give the added dimension to learning.

Field Trips - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad