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5 Ways To Make Your Child Independent

Self-esteem within a person is developed at quite an early age. And this confidence can be stronger if children start having faith in themselves and their own decisions. Encouraging independence at an early age helps in this regard and develops a sense of responsibility and discipline in the children. Children

Why Is Group Study Beneficial?

Group study is a very beneficial and effective way of developing learning skills which many parents make the mistake of overlooking. It is a space where children get the chance to make friends, share knowledge, and motivate one another to study. These groups are an effective learning strategy because they

How to Improve Your Child’s English?

Today, we live in a Global village where all parts of the world are interconnected through new media technologies such as the internet. It is a network of networks that is accessible by all at any convenient time and use. It provides an array of information sources and services which

How to Develop Critical Thinking in Children?

Build a strong foundation for critical thinking in early childhood. “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, critical thinking has been the common topic debated from

Advantages of Online Classes and How to make them more Effective for your Children

Online classes are now the ‘new normal’ and is now a popular phrase. Gradually, it will turn to be ‘used to’ and then will log-in in our record as in a chronological book. We long to go back to our old happy comfy classroom days. In a situation like today

Ideas to make Learning Interesting during Online Classes

One’s passion is a special part of life. Passion nurtures your dreams. It is something that energizes you and drives you to an extent of leading a successful life. It is something unique that identifies your personality. While hobbies engage your life and you like doing it often, It fills

Activities to keep Kids Occupied during the Pandemic

Pandemic (Covid-19) has thrown our life off the axis and it affected children more than adults. Getting accustomed to this new norm of education was a tedious task initially but now the new challenge is how to keep children occupied in positive activities for school time. We are aware that

Effective Feedback Helps In Holistic Development Of The Child

At every step we are watchful about our children’s steps. We seek not to miss any opportunity that comes by. Every child is fashioned with different abilities and behavior because of which every individual reacts differently to feedback. Feedback is the key to constant improvement. It is one of the

Guide to Choose Best School for your child

Tips for Choosing a Best School for Your Child in India

Undoubtedly, Schooling is one of the most vital phases of any person’s life. Our learning roots come from the respective schools that help us to be successful in our careers and life. Every child is unique and as a parent, you might be wondering what those important factors are to

Leadership Skills in Your children

The Art of Instilling Leadership Skills In Your Children

As we live in challenging times, children need to learn and grow by overcoming the challenges and creating a win-to-win environment for their careers and life. A famous quote by Nelson Mandela – “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow,” is inspiring. Self-discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills can be