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How To Improve Children’s English-Speaking Skills

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How To Improve Children English-Speaking Skills - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
How To Improve Children English-Speaking Skills - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Every parent wants their children to become proficient in English. As a language English is universal and the most used method of communication globally, hence it is crucial to learn English in the early years of a child’s education. While technology has made it easier to learn English, as there are plenty of videos online to help develop proficiency in language, it is vital to spend a significant period of time together with your children in order to impart language skills to your child.

The first few years are essential in learning a language that is not the native language as the likelihood of attaining excellence in native language are very high. If children start to speak in English in their early years, they tend to acquire impressive speaking abilities to be more proficient when they reach a certain age.

Let's explore some ways you can help your child improve their English-speaking abilities.

  1. Develop Book Reading Habit
    One thing you can do is establish a habit of reading. It can be achieved by purchasing your child books of his interest. It could be about their favourite fictional character or even a basic motivational book filled with captivating tales and lessons for life. If your child loves to keep up to date with current news and happenings, ensure that you buy him magazines and newspapers to read. An alternative to this is listening. You can read out the stories to you children from picture books where every page is illustrated with images and simple language. It’s a great alternative for listening to stories that are audio, having your children read and even having them read to you.
  2. Choose What To Watch
    We all sit down and watch films and TV shows. They play an important part in keeping us entertained. Because we spend a good amount of time watching TV shows, they are an excellent way to build the language skills. Watching English shows can assist them in learning new vocabulary and expand their vocabulary. Beyond that the easy English phrases in these shows could help improve the child’s English-speaking skills.
  3. Let Your Child Watch Cartoons In English
    In the age of technology, TV offers the possibility to switch languages for the shows you’d like to watch. Because kids love watching animated films, you may prefer to watch it in English. There is a chance that children might not be comfortable at first however they will soon be able to enjoy it over time. They will develop the ability to communicate by learning basic English phrases.
  4. Speak In English When At Home
    Children spend the majority of their time at home which is why there is a lot of conversation in their homes. With all the time on your hands, it is possible to begin teaching your children in English. This will encourage them to answer in the same language. The basic English sentences and essential conversational skills at home will assist them to develop confidence in speaking the spoken language in public.
  5. Motivate Them At Every Step
    When you first begin communicating in English there is a chance, you’ll see your kids communicate with simple English phrases. In the beginning, your child might make mistakes and then repeat these mistakes. It is your job to correct him/her, without making them feel angry. Inspire them to do better and to speak up. Develop a habit of this and you’ll witness important changes in the days to be.
  6. Keep A Diary In English
    Many children love to write things down. They keep a notebook for writing down the events of their day or their friends. You can request your child to write down his/her thoughts in English. This will help improve the English-speaking abilities of the child as well as the ability to write. With time they’ll get the habit of writing which means fewer errors and making more sense.
  7. Listen To English Songs
    Music is an excellent mood-lifter. It has an impact on everyone, which is why people like to listen to their favourite music to relax their mind. As we suggested, if you decide to watch TV shows in English it is best to choose listening to English music. The songs follow a consistent pattern that are easy to remember. Children are particularly able to remember songs faster. While listening to these songs, it can help them understand the pronunciation of specific words, and also increase their vocabulary.
  8. Communicate In English With Friends
    As kids grow older, they spend a lot of time talking with their peers. Be it at school, in lessons for tuition, or even over telephone, it can be beneficial for children to be able to communicate in English with their peers. One of the advantages of speaking in English with your friends is that children feel at ease with their friends. There isn’t any pressure to be judged on their errors, which is why they are able to speak with ease. At some point, English speaking abilities will improve, and your child can communicate easily.
  9. Play Word Games
    An engaging and fun method of developing the vocabulary of your kid is playing word games. This can help increase the understanding of words and through a practice of words games with your child will be looking for new words each day using different media.
  10. Sing Out Loud
    Poetry and rhymes are also engaging ways to build language skills in children. Through repetition of word patterns, children are more likely to learn new words. When they can recite the lyrics to their classmates and friends, they are able to gain confidence and improve their pronunciation.

As children acquire how to speak their native language, they will also improve their English-speaking skills by consistently practicing by following the right guidelines and techniques. It may seem like a long process however every minute spent on enhancing the English-speaking abilities will increase your child’s confidence and proficiency in the language.

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