Social Skills That Children Should Have

Social Skills That Children Should Have

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Social Skills That Children Should Have - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
Social Skills That Children Should Have - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

With the digital age beginning to be a constant in our daily lives, social skills have become more crucial and important than any other set of skills for our future generation that is likely to be interacting with Artificial Intelligence and will be confronted with the reality just behind the screen.

Below is a list of skill that we have curate keeping in check the needs for our future children:

  • Being Responsible:
    It’s crucial to take the responsibility for our ‘yes’ however, we’re equally accountable for our failure to say a timely “nay”. This demonstrates your resoluteness of not only your thoughts but also sets the boundaries that you will not cross or allow others to take the same approach.
  • Respecting:
    It is apparent that, in the act of being friendly, we’ve lost the art of respecting. A person is friendly, it’s an act of respect. A disagreement or an agreement must not allow you to violate the boundaries of respecting the idea, ideology or the way of life. Respecting does not mean that you are in agreement with what is said, it simply means that you’ve heard something without reacting to it.
  • Listening:
    Not listening to respond, but to understand the viewpoint of someone else and discussing with them. Being able to understand does not mean being influenced or convinced in any manner.
  • Sieving:
    The current situation in the world cannot be a more accurate reflection of the significance of this ability. The development of telecommunications makes it possible to keep knowledge, both literally and theoretically available at your fingertips! However, authentication is the necessity of the hour. It stops panic spreading and helps us remain at peace in turbulent times.
  • Sharing:
    Chat messages on group chats do not share information. Sharing isn’t about sharing information or participating in charitable activities. Sharing is a feeling of fraternity towards all human beings that drives us to offer help to those in necessity without expectation.
  • Being Kind:
    The latest IQ (intelligent quote) can be described as EQ (emotional quote)! In a world that is constantly changing, it is easy to gather information but the way it is processed depends on the person and the surrounding environment that people are subjected to. “Being in their shoes” will be necessary for making informed choices. Being kind doesn’t mean mollycoddling or pampering. It’s about a prompt and timely intervention that could spare someone from suffering or difficulties, while it won’t bring you any advantages.
  • Cooperating:
    So, doesn’t cooperating and sharing mean the same thing? It’s not true. Cooperation means being an enabler. Your involvement in anything which may not be positive for you but can contribute to the well-being of others could be a mutually beneficial as well as “very cool” thing to do.

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