Blogs | CGR International School - Part 3

Importance of Public Speaking Skill for Kids

Public speaking is the method by which an individual can connect with a wide range of people and make an impact on the people in the audience. Speaking in public can be a great asset. It allows the speaker to be more expressive and to engage with others. It is a crucial component

Benefits & Importance of Reading Habits for Children

Reading skills have been deemed as in essential life skill and are therefore important to be taught from an early age. Children should be made aware of its importance and should be taught to read and encouraged to learn them from an early age. The earlier one starts the better

The Benefits of Studying at an International School

It can be difficult to choose the right school for your child. This is because it requires extensive research and thought. It doesn’t matter if your child is moving up, changing schools or starting school for the first time. Finding the right school is difficult. Each school has its own

Smart Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

Gadgets have become a regular part of our lives, and that of our children’s lives too. But what if we take steps to promote an appropriate relationship with these gadgets, while still participating in other things? Technology has changed how communication is perceived in the present. The “wonder of technology”

What is the Difference Between International School and National School

With the growing number of international schools, it’s normal to be curious about what your child will learn at an international school over a normal national school. Are there different curricula at international school? Do they not adhere to CBSE guidelines? Are there better options for students in international schools?

Why Your Child Should Explore Their Creativity

Creativity is an ally in all areas if it is something that is familiar to you as an adult. It is crucial that children meet creativity. Childhood is the best time to explore and learn without being confined by reality or taking responsibility. These are the years that we develop

Essential Life Skills Every Child Should Know

As a parent, you must teach certain basic life skills to children, including social, interpersonal, coordination, problem-solving, and creative skills. Children who are well-acquainted with these skills may find it easier to make decisions, meet day-to-day challenges, and handle situations better in the absence of elders. Life skills are to

Teaching Your Child to be Self-Reliant

Parents should strive to help their children become self-reliant. Self-reliance refers to the confidence a person has within his inner resources to handle any situation. Parents must instill self-reliance in their children. Self-reliance can boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. Children who are self-reliant will not need to rely on others for small things. This

How To Teach The Importance Of Punctuality And Time Management To Children

Time management and punctuality are key to academic success. Here are some ways you can teach your child how to manage time in student life. Parents have a responsibility to teach their children the importance of time management as well as the value of punctuality Time management: Students need to

Do’s and don’ts while teaching time management and the importance of punctuality

It is easier to be successful in today’s competitive environment if you understand the importance of punctuality and time. This is especially true for students who have so much to learn and are under pressure to do better. Often taking up such discussions with children can be difficult, as children