Blogs | CGR International School - Part 3

How VPS Can Help & Guide You Better Than GPS?

Global Pointing System (GPS) is a genius tool that has proved to be a brilliant source of navigation. However, how many times, while using the tool have you asked yourself, “Am I going in the right direction?” How many times has the‘re-center’ button been a cause of concern for you?

How Digital Gadgets Are Affecting Your Child’s Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian Rhythm is the biological clock, that repeats every 24 hours, and is set by our own body. I am sure you have noticed a particular sleep pattern that your body follows. For most of us days are when we are fully alert, and night is the time when we

Important Lessons to Learn from India’s Cricket Captain – Virat Kohli

“Time and tide wait for none”, and a person who is intelligent will know the way to. Manage both. This is a very important lesson in our life that teaches us the importance of time. The message does not stop there. Rather it also depicts that despite several ups and

Social Media – Striking the right balance

When the whole world is busy eyeing the latest Facebook post, and catching up with each other through FaceTime and WhatsApp, it is but obvious that the next generation is also influenced and curious enough to explore this much talked about platform – Social Media. Social platforms like WhatsApp can

Holistic Learning Provides the Key to Success!

Children learn more through experience and observation rather than standardised learning formats. This is exactly what CGR International School believes in. Which is why we ensure that right from an early age, our students are offered a holistic learning experience.We help our students to grow as learned and emotionally strong

How Internet of Things Influences Classroom Learning?

Today’s schools are smarter and livelier than the traditional chalk and blackboard environments. Now, if you walk into a kindergarten classroom in any technologically-advanced school, you will find children using smartphones, tablets and computers. As the Internet of Things (IoT) movement is progressing, schools are gearing up to integrate the

Amazing Facts about Some Animals

It’s amazing to think about the multitude of animals that are coexisting with us on this planet. From the tiny flea to the huge blue whale, each animal owns some unique qualities that make it stand out from others. The followings are some of the lesser known facts about some

Importance of School Counselling in Enhancing Students’ Performance

Only covering the syllabus and expecting the students to do well at the end of the academic year is not all a teacher should do with the students. All students in a classroom are not the same in terms of their background, financial status, social behaviour and academic skills. Therefore,

Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children

With the modern children’s preferences bending towards junk foods, the task of parents to take care of the food habits of their children is getting tougher day-by-day. Tossing out the junk and making healthy snacks with kid-friendly ingredients could be a game changer. The growing bodies of the children require

Why We Need Sports in School Curriculum?

It is needless to say that regular physical activity in one’s life not only helps him stay healthy but also improves his emotional fitness. Practicing such activities right from childhood is a great idea as it helps the children to make it a part of their daily life with ease.