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Teaching Kids to Be Smart About Social Media

All teens use some form of social media (like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat) and have profiles on these social networking sites. Many children visit these sites every day. Social media, like any other platform, has many good things, but also many risks and things that children and teenagers should avoid.

How to Influence Your Teens

It is often the first response to have or share an opinion about how others should be. This is even more true if you are an experienced adult trying to help guide your teen. Teenagers can be headstrong, stubborn and determined. People in general and teenagers are highly influenced by

How important are IQ tests for children?

Merriam-webster defines intelligence as “the ability to understand/deal with new situations or trying new situations.” Intelligence comprises one’s ability to think, analyze situations, solve problems, and comprehend social norms, customs, and values. There are two types of intelligence – Non-verbal intelligence refers to the capacity of a child to understand

Positive & Negative Effect of Technology on Children

The Positive and Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

All of us are exposed to technology as part of our daily lives. The time we spend using our technological devices daily is just increasing. Children of all ages are using gadgets and other technological devices globally. Technology has integrated and surrounded our lives. For example, look around you, and

School Culture on Students

Impact Of School Culture On Students

The moment you walk through the doors of a school, the atmosphere of the environment you are entering is bound to influence your outlook of the school and how you think, feel, and react thereon. School culture refers to the unwritten rules the schools follow, such as, the ambiance, the

Sports for Children

The Importance of Participation in Sports for Children

Undoubtedly, parents’ support is vital to a child’s emotional and mental well-being. Modern generation parents are focusing on the holistic growth of their children. The kids who actively take part in competitions & sports have proven to be more successful in their careers and their lives. Balancing sports training along

Games and Sports in Physical Education

Games And Sports In Physical Education

As Millennials or people who were born before or during the early 2000s, the concept of computers was just being introduced to us in schools and our homes. Despite the growing popularity of desktop video games or the snake game on our parent’s Nokia bricks, we would find ourselves playing

Developing Leadership Skills in Education

The Art of Developing Leadership Skills Through Education

Today’s Children are the Leaders of Tomorrow. Leadership skills are a combination of many factors that help children correct and streamline their outlook and mindset. These characteristics will help the children’s future, wherever they go, whatever they do, and however, they live. Children who develop leadership skills will lead a

Learning Music for Childrens

Benefits of Learning Music for Children

Music is liked by every one of us, we listen and appreciate it as part of our everyday lives. Parents usually use music to express love and soothe their children. Music experiences in childhood help in accelerating the child’s brain development, specifically in the areas of reading skills and language

Effective Ways Of Communicating With Children

Parents and children build and strengthen relationships in the presence of responsive communication. Effective communication involves speaking and listening in ways that make children feel important and valued. It helps your child grow and develop skills along with feeling safe and secure. Peggy O’Mara once said, “The way we talk