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Amazing Facts about Some Animals

It’s amazing to think about the multitude of animals that are coexisting with us on this planet. From the tiny flea to the huge blue whale, each animal owns some unique qualities that make it stand out from others. The followings are some of the lesser known facts about some

Importance of School Counselling in Enhancing Students’ Performance

Only covering the syllabus and expecting the students to do well at the end of the academic year is not all a teacher should do with the students. All students in a classroom are not the same in terms of their background, financial status, social behaviour and academic skills. Therefore,

Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children

With the modern children’s preferences bending towards junk foods, the task of parents to take care of the food habits of their children is getting tougher day-by-day. Tossing out the junk and making healthy snacks with kid-friendly ingredients could be a game changer. The growing bodies of the children require

Why We Need Sports in School Curriculum?

It is needless to say that regular physical activity in one’s life not only helps him stay healthy but also improves his emotional fitness. Practicing such activities right from childhood is a great idea as it helps the children to make it a part of their daily life with ease.

Avoid plastic & Save Environment

Perils in the consumption of plastic! In current days, it is next to impossible to stop using plastics. In the last few decades, usage of plastic has expanded beyond what the early developers might ever have thought about it. However, we can find plastics that are harmless for the environment.

The Influence of Teaching on Society

Why the teaching profession has a distinctive role in society? Education is essential both for an individual betterment and for the society as a whole. The teacher’s role in society is of crucial importance and value. Teaching has a profound influence on society and no other profession can make a

The Importance of Art and Craft in Early Childhood

The lasting advantages of Art and Craft Children across all ages love to take part in art and crafts-related activities. Arts and crafts related events inculcate a sense of pride and achievement in children and help in giving a boost to their self-esteem. With the help of arts and crafts,

CBSE School Education – The Right Academic System

The Classic Dilemma Every parent finds themselves in a dilemma in choosing the right academic system for their children in school. The decision of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), International or State school education is crucial since it impacts student’s career and future; and can have lifetime repercussions. How

6 Preventable Measures for Making Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

An overview The arrival of winter season carries potentially dangerous illnesses arising from flu and cold. Bracing up for seasonal changes will reduce the risks of being affected by the virus and common winter ailments like asthma, allergies and cold. When compared to adults, children have fragile immune responses to

What is game-based learning and how is your school implementing gaming into the classroom?

The genesis of Game-based Learning The concept of Game-based Learning has assumed significance in recent times. It is more effective and yields successful results in comparison to traditional instruction. Coupled with this, the present educational system has been observed to be creating less impact on a student’s learning capacity. Game-based