Blogs | CGR International School - Part 4

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy!

The pandemic has hit the nation hard! While the number of Coronavirus cases is are increasing with every passing day, staying positive during this hard time is extremely necessary. This unexpected and unfortunate situation is not only a challenge for all of us but an opportunity to witness a positive

Impact Of Technology In Teaching, Benefits Students

Regular research and development are leading to technological innovations that are positively impacting every sphere of life. The education sector is nothing less. Teachers face a constant struggle to enhance their teaching Methodologies to keep their students more engaged and impart a better education as per the school’s pedagogy. And

How to label your child’s emotions?

Suzy Reading, psychologist and author, states, “People who could label their feelings using rich vocabulary were found to be 40% less verbally and physically aggressive than those who had a tough time working out how they felt.” Feelings are a significant part of human behaviour. It is a way to

Unlocking Minds During Lockdown – A CGR Initiative

Mental wellbeing is of utmost importance, along with physical fitness. While students are stuck at home, they must be missing the playground, the fun sessions with their favourite teachers and most importantly going out of the house and playing and meeting their friends. Isn’t it? We are confident that you

All you need to know about COVID-19 that has created havoc across the world

It all started when headlines broke that a deadly virus originating from a seafood market in Wuhan, China where wildlife was also traded illegally has spread all over the country. A huge crisis has emerged where the country had to go for a shutdown and make emergency hospitals within few

Give Your Child the Gift of Independence

All parents want to give the best to their children. That is why they try to attend to all the needs of their children. It is a way parents express their love. You must have noticed that all babies and young kids tend to try to do things by themselves.

5 ways to make the most of this Coronavirus lockdown

The Covid-19 cases started in China and almost the entire world has succumbed to this life-threatening virus. More than 23,000 cases have been registered in India and the entire nation has gone for a lockdown for more than a month. The 38 districts which are currently under lockdown and some

10 Ways your Kids can Benefit from Dance

There are hundreds of reasons for you to choose to enrol your child in a dance class. Dance can benefit your child in many ways; it can teach him/her self-discipline, self-confidence, grace and poise. Most importantly, dance is fun for children. If you are finding ways to make your child

How VPS Can Help & Guide You Better Than GPS?

Global Pointing System (GPS) is a genius tool that has proved to be a brilliant source of navigation. However, how many times, while using the tool have you asked yourself, “Am I going in the right direction?” How many times has the‘re-center’ button been a cause of concern for you?

How Digital Gadgets Are Affecting Your Child’s Circadian Rhythm?

Circadian Rhythm is the biological clock, that repeats every 24 hours, and is set by our own body. I am sure you have noticed a particular sleep pattern that your body follows. For most of us days are when we are fully alert, and night is the time when we