Activities To Fuel Your Kid’s Brain Development

Activities To Fuel Your Kid’s Brain Development

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Activities To Fuel Your Kids Brain Development - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
Activities To Fuel Your Kids Brain Development - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Children’s brain develops tremendously fast as they start to explore the outside world. Toddlers spend their time decoding the world around them from birth until three years old. Babies often enjoy simple activities like looking at pictures, digging in dirt, making noises, and playing with blankets, balls, or rattles. These activities help stimulate a child’s brain development.

Play is responsible for 70% of your child’s brain development. To encourage development, parents can encourage their children to play with toys. This helps stimulate your toddler’s brain. Before a child starts formal training, parents can help to boost their brain development. Activities that are both stimulating and motivating for their child’s brain can help them improve their abilities. You can do fun things with your child every day, such as singing or reciting nursery rhymes.

This blog offers parents useful ideas that will stimulate their child's brain activity each day.

  • Create a safe and comfortable environment
    Many babies are sensitive to stress. You can help your baby relax as a parent by showing your love and affection. When your baby feels stressed, comfort him. Your child will feel safe and secure if you show love and support. You can make a lasting positive impact on your child’s brain development by instilling a sense of security and confidence.
  • Establish a Strong Communication
    Talking with your children can help children build communication skills. Every action, such as singing, sitting down, and cooking, should be labelled. Your child can identify things like shoes, door-plates, and taste like sweet, salty, and bitter in food. They can also learn about the feelings of heat, wind, and cold. This will help your child understand the world around them and increase vocabulary.
  • Teach safe climbing
    Toddlers love to explore the world and climb on everything. They are developing important physical skills such as balance and coordination. You can encourage safe climbing by showing your toddler how to avoid getting hurt. You can also take your child to parks and public gardens. Your toddler will learn how to climb on all things, which stimulates the brain development.
  • Ask questions to boost your kid’s brain development
    Asking questions can help stimulate your child’s mind. Ask your child to name a flower by showing it to him. You can ask your toddler, for example, to name a rose. You can also take your child to the mall to show him different games, and then ask your toddler to name them. Show your baby how the games are played.
  • Gazing at the Mirror
    The mirror is a common place toddlers look at. Toddlers often look in the mirror to see their own reflections and attempt to build social and emotional connections to help them discover themselves. Encourage your child to smile when he looks in the mirror. Encourage your baby to tell you about himself every time he looks in the mirror. Help them to name their body parts and sing songs. It aids in brain development.
  • Compare and Count
    Children love counting and numbers. You can introduce math to your child by showing them how you compare things, such as “I have two toys but that’s three” or “There are three bananas and two pineapples on the table.” Parents can instruct their children to bring pencils and chocolates to the table so they can count them one at a time. This will allow children to learn early math skills as well as the concept of “more or less”.
  • Playing with Different Colours
    Babies are naturally fascinated by colours. Parents can encourage their children to paint or do finger painting. As the child starts to mix colours, his joy will increase. Your child can also add rice or sand to the paint to help him develop his creativity. This will help your child learn the names and concepts of each colour, as well as introduce them to art.
  • Toys that are age-appropriate
    Playing with rattles, bells, and other toys that make a sound can help your toddler develop their cognitive skills. You can interact with your child by showing them how to handle, drop, roll, and insert shapes into slots. To inspire toddlers, parents can play pretend. Parents can encourage their children to play with push-and-go toys, build blocks, glue stickers on paper, fold simple paper, and sing songs like “wheels on a bus” that encourage imagination.
  • Digging in dirt aids brain development
    Toys that are made of dirt can be a great way for toddlers and young children to discover their environment. A simple activity like digging in the dirt can spark curiosity in children. You can provide your child with plenty of opportunities for digging mud and throwing it away as a parent. A magnifying glass can be provided to allow your child to see dirt, rocks, small creatures, and small stones in detail.
  • Scribbling on paper
    Many babies enjoy writing on paper. It’s part of the natural progression to writing. By providing paper and cute crayons and pencils, parents can provide plenty of pre-writing opportunities for their toddlers. Your child will learn to write by experimenting with writing. Their concentration skills will also improve.
  • Talking about stories
    Babies love stories. As a way to help children improve their vocabulary and language skills, parents can read aloud to them books. Show your child pictures in the story. For example, if there’s a cat in the story, you can identify it with your child. Toys that are colourful, such as animals, birds, and shapes, attract toddlers. Your toddler will connect stories by looking at pictures and listening to words.

The activities listed above can all be used to stimulate your toddler’s brain development. If you do not follow all of the activities daily, your child will be able to use a combination of them. Parents can harness their toddler’s endless energy and help them associate different situations and things. Parents can help their toddler prepare for the future with little effort on their part!

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