Ways To Make Your Child Independent

Ways To Make Your Child Independent

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Ways To Make Your Child Independent - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
Ways To Make Your Child Independent - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

True independence is based on the self-confidence to be who we are and the ability of our identity and the things it is that we desire. Children may depend on us in the present however, eventually they will develop into independent thinkers and people who can do things for themselves. As parents we need to support our child’s growing sense of independence.

While young, children are not aware of the importance of doing things punctually and being accountable of their choices. Sometimes the school bus may be waiting, and your child is sleeping soundly despite your efforts to wake them up handful of times. If this is the norm, then it is crucial to lead your child to the correct direction, so that you can help them to develop their independence. This will not only aid in helping to discipline them but also enable them to cope with adulthood’s demands. We must encourage our children to be self-sufficient so that they can recognize the mistakes he or she makes and seek help when they’re not in a position to handle situations by themselves. The joy and satisfaction you experience when your children finish the task, they set out to do is awe-inspiring.

As a long-term goal of parenting to teach your children to be independent while enjoying the joys of childhood here are a few suggestions to guide you:

  1. Create A Structure And Encourage Discipline
    It is much easier for children to make choices if they think in a sequential manner. A well-planned routine of the tasks to be accomplished throughout the day will assist the child to make their decisions in a safe environment. When children are given a set of goals to be achieved, then the choice of how and when to accomplish these goals can help them establish a pattern and discipline for their daily lives.
  1. Allow Children To Make Their Own Decisions
    One method to help ease the child into making their own choices is to decide the way they want to spend their day. Ask your children if they prefer to finish their homework first or play first. Also, ask them to choose which vegetables they’d like take at lunch. Through introducing options and making them finish the task in the manner they decided, children recognize what is important to prioritize and making decisions.
  1. Take A Step Back
    Albert Einstein once said that “A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is not what it is built for.” Inspire your child to be confident and able to handle any consequences of an actions in a manner that is appropriate for their age. This usually means having to step back as an adult. Rewarding children with positive suggestions and not intervening when they’re making a mistake while solving problems. Ask questions such as “How could you make sure you wake up on time, so you do not miss the school bus?” When we ask this question, children find solutions for the problems themselves and are able to recognize when they should seek for help from their parents.
  1. Give Responsibility To Develop Responsibility
    To instil in your children an understanding of their responsibility, ask them to choose the tasks they’d like to complete on their own and give them the task. Give them age-appropriate tasks like setting the table and watering the plants or organizing the kitchen. If you’re planning a party, create an outline of the tasks that they can help with . Let them lead specific aspects such as selecting the food or cutlery that will be used. It can also increase confidence in themselves and be able to take responsibility of the decisions they’ve made.
  1. Applaud Their Effort
    Being able to do something independently at first can be thrilling. Positive feedback to the children when they finish the task and acknowledging their efforts is a great way of encouraging confidence. Parents, a word of encouragement or praise could boost the confidence of your child in his/her actions and help guide them to the right direction.

The habits that are cultivated from an early age , can plant the seeds of confidence and independence as they grow into responsible and responsible adults. At CGR International School, we constantly provide various venues and opportunities to children, where they are encouraged to take up responsibilities for an age-appropriate task. This help them build self-confidence and trust in themselves, as well as a role-model for other students, inside or outside the school.

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