10 Ways your Kids can Benefit from Dance

10 Ways your Kids can Benefit from Dance

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There are hundreds of reasons for you to choose to enrol your child in a dance class. Dance can benefit your child in many ways; it can teach him/her self-discipline, self-confidence, grace and poise. Most importantly, dance is fun for children. If you are finding ways to make your child mentally and physically fit at the same time, consider teaching your child dance.

What are the most important benefits of dance for your kid?

  • Improves physical and mental health
    Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. Regular practice of dance from an early age can help motivate your child to stay active as he/she grows into an adult. Dance increases your child’s flexibility, stamina, physical and mental strength. Improvement in these areas can help your kid with sports and other physical activities at school and beyond.
  • Boosts emotional development
    When kids experience the joy of dancing, they become more expressive and learn how to express their deep emotions which in turn helps them appear more mature. Expressing themselves effectively is in a way beneficial to kids’ mental as well as physical health. By giving your child the freedom to channel his/her emotions in a safe environment, you can help significantly increase his/her self-esteem and confidence.
  • Encourages socialization
    Dance is a great social activity. Children learn how to work as a team player, make new friends and develop a greater sense of responsibility, trust and cooperation in a dance class. With each class, they interact with other students and more often develop lifelong friendships with their dance mates.
  • Fosters creativity
    Whatever the form may be, dance encourages kids to be more creative and express their feelings through dance. With improved imagination and creativity, children learn to build trust and relationships and develop critical thinking. Early childhood is the right time for your kids to develop creativity and problem solving skills that will serve them for life.
  • Enhances cognitive development
    Practising dance from an early age allows kids to learn self-discipline and effective time management. As they grow, they tend to efficiently balance their school, studies, dance, extracurricular activities and social life. The discipline, focus and dedication kids learn and practice in dance are essential life skills that will transfer over to the school, office and other aspects of their lives in the future.
  • Promotes growth
    Regular exercise and movement in the form of dance also promote a great level of growth in kids’ body. Dancing regularly helps promote natural and healthy body growth. It is essential for parents to encourage natural body growth of their children in their early childhood.
  • Improves posture
    Another important element of dancing is that it aids in improving kids’ posture. One needs a good form to be a good dancer. Practising dance regularly, positively influences how your child walks, runs, sits and moves, which is vital.
  • Helps solve behavioural issues
    Dancing is an art that requires intense discipline, focus and coordination. Many studies find that dance helps enhance behavioural issues, like hyperactivity. Dancing tends to have a calming effect on your child’s mind and helps him/her release suppressed energy.
  • Improves Classroom Performance
    Researches and studies have advocated that children who practice dance regularly from their childhood tend to perform well in the classroom. Dance teaches focus and discipline, which translates to improved academic performance. Apart from that, dance helps reinforce educational basics such as counting.
  • Dance is Fun!
    Perhaps, this is the greatest benefit of dance. Dancing is fun for kids and allows them to be excited and active all the time. All the while, your kid develops essential emotional and social skills without even realising that he is developing them.

If you are interested in improving your kid’s self-esteem, social skills, and help him/her develop great habits for life, start teaching him/her dance from an early age.