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Give Your Child the Gift of Independence

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All parents want to give the best to their children. That is why they try to attend to all the needs of their children. It is a way parents express their love. You must have noticed that all babies and young kids tend to try to do things by themselves. This tendency is the beginning of a child’s independence and it is really important for parents to encourage this. Here’s why.

  • Independence enables kids to gain first-hand knowledge
    If children are given the chance to do things on their own, they can learn things faster and more efficiently. In this way, they thought the trial and error method. Independence teaches kids self-discipline. It’s fine if they commit mistakes and face the consequences. These processes teach them that there are equal consequences of every action. Let them freely learn from their mistakes.
  • Improves self-esteem
    As adults, we feel satisfied when we achieve something on our own. Similarly, children also feel the same self-worth when they get to accomplish something on their own. When they get the chance to handle things independently, they become more confident in facing challenges, which in turn help them prepare for the real-life challenges. Besides, they tend to have a better social life. 
  • Better management of failure and stress
    Handle stress and failure becomes easy for children, if they are left independent. Let your child feel bad when he/she fails to achieve something. Eventually, he/she will learn to take stress or negative feelings casually. As a responsible parent, always be there to support your child or advice, whenever he/she needs to vent out stress.
  • Improved decision making ability
    Making the right decisions is a skill every parent want their children to have in them. Children need to practice to make choices independently. Independent decision making also helps in developing children’s emotional maturity.

Ways to Encourage your Children to become Independence

  • Allow them to make simple choices out of a range of options
  • Let your kids participate in household works like dusting, vacuuming, and folding clothes
  • Prepare a responsibility chart to help your children keep track of the status of their tasks
  • Seek their opinion on different things related to them
  • Respect your kid’s decisions
  • Teach your child problem-solving skills
  • Provide positive energy to your child whenever he/she needs it
  • Encourage and praise your child’s attempts to do things
  • Give your child age-appropriate toys to help him/her learn to play by its own
  • Help your kid set achievable goals and encourage to work toward achieving those goals

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