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Holistic Learning Provides the Key to Success!

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Holistic Learning Provides the Key to Success!

Children learn more through experience and observation rather than standardised learning formats. This is exactly what CGR International School believes in.

Which is why we ensure that right from an early age, our students are offered a holistic learning experience.We help our students to grow as learned and emotionally strong individuals, who would know how to turn every adversity into an opportunity.

How does holistic learning help?

  • Working on Long Term Goals
  • Holistic learning is realising that each child is unique, and born with some skills that needs to be strengthened. While there are some who like logical learning, there will be others who are more inclined towards creativity.
    At CGR we provide state of the art Labs such as the Computer lab, Science Lab, Math Lab, Dance and Music Studio etc to help the students identify their areas of interest. In fact every classroom at CGR is a ‘Learning Lab’ wherein optimal use of all resources is made to make learning experiential and enjoyable.
    This kind of an approach of helping the students to identify and work on their ingrained strengths, builds confidence immensely.
  • The Power of Team Work
  • Early in school students learn to collaborate and work together with a common objective. This kind of learning lays the foundation for learning, sharing, leading and all team work.
    Apart from strengthening their knowledge base, a learning forum based on team –work also helps children to be humbler, and provides them a platform to learn more about the power of team work.
    Whether you stand on the winning or the losing side, having friends to share the joy, or temporary sorrow is what makes the whole learning experience more happening.
  • Helping Kids to be Emotionally Strong
  • Holistic learning is not only about acquiring knowledge and technical proficiency, but also social and emotional skills.
    In fact, research has shown that a social and emotional development becomes the foundation to life-long success.
    We at CGR International we accord due importance to extracurricular and co-curricular activities, as these help students in enhancing their attention span, listening, reading and writing skills and also boosts their confidence.

Conclusion: A student might score full in a few subjects, and be average, or for that matter below average in few, the idea is to be able to digest the fact that it is all good.
CGR International School has a faculty that is matured and knows how to uplift the spirits of students. Our goal is to expose our students to a variety of opportunities, to help them identify their skills.
Our holistic method highlights on learning more than ranking, which becomes the key to success in the long run.

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