General Safety and Security

CGR has a programme built upon a complete system of education and awareness, as a means to prevent bullying and a procedure for addressing bullying incidents that include reporting, discipline and counselling.

To prevent ‘bullying’ or ‘harassing’ highly visible /capturing CCTV cameras have been installed in the school building at various places namely: Corridors, wash areas, lobby, PP classes etc. The safety and security of children is being looked into the school transport system as well.

The following safety norms are ensured for a safe travel of students and staff):

First aid kit on each bus

The windows of buses are fitted with horizontal grills

Fire extinguisher

Lady attendant

Speed limit

Drivers have valid license

List of students with details

School Bus Attendance

GPS Installation for tracking the bus

ID cards to parents who pick their children after school

Gate passes to students/parents during emergencies

Pick up and drop- off zones have been marked.