6 Preventable Measures for Making Your Kids Flu-Free This Season |

6 Preventable Measures for Making Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

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six Preventable Measures for Making Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

An overview

The arrival of winter season carries potentially dangerous illnesses arising from flu and cold. Bracing up for seasonal changes will reduce the risks of being affected by the virus and common winter ailments like asthma, allergies and cold. When compared to adults, children have fragile immune responses to germs and viruses and come into contact with waterborne infections and airborne diseases. Further, kids are less conscious of personal hygiene, which contributes further to their illness.

Following these tips will strengthen children’s immunization system and help them remain healthy at home and at school

  • Vaccine
    Though vaccine does not prevent the onset of virus flu, still it can help in reducing the chances of falling sick and keeping symptoms milder.
  • Hand wash
    Contagious infections spread from person to another and it is essential to curb their prevalence. Encouraging kids to clean up their hands frequently with soap and water can help fight the flu virus effectively.
  • Keep the surface of shared objects dust-free Flu viruses persist up to 8 hours on surfaces. As such, pay attention to cleaning germs from tables, toys, TV remotes, phones applying hot soapy water that could help in getting rid of influenza.
  • Good food and sleep
    Eating healthfully can be a good way to boost immunity and avert flu. Make sure that your kids’ regular diet contains flu-fighting fruits such as strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, pumpkins, papayas and apples; and leafy vegetables that help in tackling the flu.
  • Daily exercise
    Kids confine themselves to home when the outside weather is not that pleasant. Not having sufficient exposure to seasonal changes can also result in weakening the immune system. As such, exercising outdoors with necessary protective gear will help children in warding off
    virus flu. Staying outside in fresh air can spur the production of macrophages, a form of white blood cells that terminate the bad bacteria and viruses.
  • Good hydration
    Mostly, children resist the idea of drinking water in the winter season. Offer a blend of liquids like drinking water (at least 2 liters of water a day) and soft fruits like watermelons and grapes to your children. Equally, it is important to ensure that your kids stay hydrated even during the winter season. This helps in keeping the tissues of the respiratory organism moist and enable the immune system to function properly.

Conclusion: CGR School takes all possible steps to deal with the situation arising out of flu through helping students maintain proper hygiene standards. Broad awareness and education are the key to making a flu-free winter season. Through conducting co-curricular events and inter-house competitions in schools, the importance of maintaining hygiene can be taken up in a fun and competitive manner.

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