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Do’s and don’ts while teaching time management and the importance of punctuality

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It is easier to be successful in today’s competitive environment if you understand the importance of punctuality and time. This is especially true for students who have so much to learn and are under pressure to do better.

Often taking up such discussions with children can be difficult, as children may want to avoid this discussion. Some of the top points to consider while teaching time management and the importance of punctuality to children are:


  • Include unstructured play into your child’s daily schedule. Professor of Psychiatry in the USA, Daniel Siegel, discusses the importance of playtime and downtime for maintaining healthy brain function. Play helps the brain relax and absorb new information. It also stimulates and reinforces cognitive processes. This helps children to perform structured tasks more efficiently.
  • Explain the importance of time management in maintaining social relationships. If your teenager is late for dinner at his/her friends’ house, ask him/her to take responsibility and call them to tell them why. These experiences will allow them to see how their time management skills (or lack thereof) can affect other people.


  • You must ensure that your child gets enough sleep, is active, and has a healthy diet. These are vital in helping your child stay motivated and able to fulfill his daily obligations. These factors will also help your child manage his time more effectively by ensuring high levels of motivation, clarity of thought and motivation.
  • Screen time can have a significant impact on your health. Research shows that children’s sleep, cognitive development and emotional state are affected by the use of interactive devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and laptops. These devices can reduce children’s ability to pay attention and focus. Avoid allowing your child to use these devices prior to bedtime. It can cause him to be hyper-aroused and disrupt his sleep. This could make your child feel miserable during the day.

The Importance of Punctuality:

Children must be punctual, which is one of the most important elements of discipline. Children feel secure, calm, and confident when they are punctual.

A M Sultana’s paper, “A Study on Punctuality and Time Management among Students at Secondary School Kedah”, published in American Journal of Economics (2013), states that punctuality as well as time management can have an impact on learning. She also stated that parents can be very important in explaining to children the importance and value of being punctual.

The Benefits of Punctuality:

“First value your time if you want to be considered a valuer in life.” Oscar Auliq Ice, American businessman and writer.

Children who are punctual and show a sense of confidence and well-being will get higher grades. Children whose parents are good at time management experience an early sense of predictability and ease. This influences their perception of the world. They see the world as safe and stable. Teenagers who understand the importance of punctuality and are more focused on their goals tend to be more successful in many areas. They are also less likely to develop mental disorders because they are busy and have long-term goals.

We at CGR International School actively support our students in cultivation time management and punctuality habits in their day-to-day life. Our faculties mentor and guide students, providing then the direction to achieve their goals.