Ensuring Safety measures at school before it commences |

Ensuring Safety measures at school before it commences

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Ensuring Safety measures at school before it commences

Are you in a dilemma to send your kid back to school ! Is it safe to send kids to school at this juncture!

Schools are making a clean pathway to start over again after the high-tension pandemic. Students are eager to join school and thrilled to meet their friends and teachers. So far children have their thoughts, feelings bottled up and today by all means they want to release. At the same time, parents are more worried about their kids’ safety while away from their sight. It’s been a long trial time since away from nostalgic school premises. Children’s plea is finally heard- ‘Please send us back to school. We miss so many things’ like friends, campus, fun, games, sports, cultural events and what not. This is an observed crucial time for all children, parents, teachers, and school as a whole alike. A fresh chapter has to start somewhere.

In a panoramic view

Several higher primary kids have expressed their views on surviving the pandemic that one way it was a good time to be on digital devices and exciting to work on digital activities but the physical activities like sports, arts, drama, practical aspects, fun-time with friends and teachers cannot be replaced by computers ever. While at school we wanted to be at home seeking holidays all time, lazy at school assignments but we have realized what the school gives us, we missed it for some time. We are hopeful now to go back and reknit those faded memories. We need to go back to school and relive those moments. It’s boring to learn at home. Some kids missed the normal send off from school. Being at school is beyond just academics, it offers an elevated experience with complete learning preparing us to face the world in future with utmost life skills.

Play a safe game

So this comeback is indeed a good news especially to students. They can grow up in a normal school setup lacking nothing in the education sphere. If timely prompt care is taken and instilled to follow precautionary measures for this Covid 19 disease, half of our problem is solved. It’s a new challenge for the school to tackle the situation and children’s behavior caused due to the existing circumstance. Every individual whether parent, teacher or child all need to play responsibly in this life game. A mere carelessness from anyone can cause a major drawback in someone’s life. For everyone’s safety it’s advisable to self-care and let others be safe.

Striving for a safe way through- Striking Tips for back to school and back to normal

Unprecedented risk will always be beside us yet to combat with, are we ready? How ready are we?

Since Covid-19 is spreading in our community, safety measures have been given to us by the Government, institutions, and in the locality where we dwell. How serious are we in practicing them?

There are basic things that everyone must follow such as wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, social distancing, using sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol.

Actionable steps to consider for

a)     Teachers

How can teachers help themselves and students during this comeback?

A teacher’s role in a student’s life is very important. Teachers are regarded as indelible role models who Children look up to. Teachers impart not only knowledge but also create a comfortable learning environment for students. Coming to the context, teacher’s guidance in bringing awareness about precautions of Covid 19 can motivate kids to follow strictly;in a simple creative manner try to make them understand about Covid-19 disease and how to prevent it. It is essential to closely monitor each student that he/she strictly follows all safety measures.

Seating arrangement also should be in view of social distancing. If any child is suffering from any respiratory problem, cold, cough then the parents/guardian are to be informed immediately. Advise them to stay at home and take necessary measures. This prevents the spread.

b)     Parents

This is a time to take a bold step and not to fret. Let calm your worries and focus more on keeping your child safe while outside home. Keep contact with teachers and know about your child’s well-being. Keep a watch for symptoms like aches, fever, cold, cough, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Teach your kid to self-care and be mindful of those who have cold symptoms. Reinforce what is taught and hence children are encouraged to follow instructions. Keep a medical kit with a mask, sanitizer, tissues or napkins. Discourage eating outside food, sharing food, touching surfaces, going to friend’s place to play or other crowded places. Include  healthy food in the diet that boosts the immune system.

c)     Children

Children may be excited to meet friends. They may forget about wearing masks and using sanitizers. It’s hard to resist meeting people and going to favorite corners on campus. Yet it’s important to listen to things told by elders for one’s safety and others. Keep reminding oneself and follow precautionary measures like washing hands now and then, when soap is not available make use of sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol, dispose tissues after use, wear mask, maintain social distance of 3-6ft, cover mouth, nose with flexed elbow while sneezing or coughing, avoid touching surfaces and so on. Eat healthy food to build your stamina.

Conclusion: We hope this pandemic will end soon. Let’s tread in a positive spirit. Stay healthy and safe by following simple steps. Beware of fake news and instruction. Keep updated through authorized sources like WHO about the Covid-19 disease. Science and technology are tirelessly working towards research and findings.