How to get kids to use digital devices sparingly? |

How to get kids to use digital devices sparingly?

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The Digi century is seemingly delved into a fast forward life. Work pressure has simultaneously increased with the growing technologies aiming towards optimum utilization of available minimal resources. Social gatherings have transited to online platforms and we hardly communicate face to face now. This has also massively affected children’s behavior. They are reluctant to talk to people and addicted to smart devices. The traditional way of socialization has vanished and fashioned into a new trend of virtual socialization.

The present generation observe much, listen less and experiment more. They tend to do more than they are asked to do. They like exploring things on their own. They like to imitate things. No matter how small their age, they still wonder why can’t they do all things what their parents and all elders generally do. Their demands increase day by day and parents literally oblige to it. They detest being controlled by anyone on earth.

Seeking appreciation for every little thing is common. They are scholars in seeking attention, all dramatic style is acted on to pacify parents to get the things done for them. Do you agree with me?

Hence, in the short span where both parents earn and time is jam-packed and responsibilities seem to be overloaded there is certainly no escape or any substitute to do daily tasks. Family support is very much required. Somehow stamina is built to cope with the existing stress and arising pressures from various situations like the unpredictable scenario of Covid-19 pandemic. Job security and financial status was questionable for many.

Parents have to put up with everything to make their little life comfortable. While taking into consideration above things it’s important to know appropriate usage of internet and digital devices. We are well aware of cyberbullying and other proposed threats of the internet. What are we doing about protecting our kids from such risky threats?

Here are 6 good habits to help you find your kid’s safe online:

  1. First learn then teach: Children always look up to us and imitate. So we need to be extra vigilant in all our actions. Parents need to project positive things especially while being in the presence of children. Don’t give any reason to point fingers at you later. If you yourself are in the wrong direction how can you guide your children?
  2. Encourage to talk freely: Establish a friendly relationship with your children. This closeness gives them freedom to share everything with you without any hesitation. It will be easy for you to keep track of every child’s online activity and be assured of threat-free internet usage.
  3. Keep under your vigilance:Always make sure your child sits under your sight while using the internet so that you can keep a close watch on your child’s access to the internet. Attend your child’s queries. This will encourage you to approach every issue the child encounters.
  4. Practice parental controls: Equip yourself with the complete knowledge of Internet safety tools and measures. Especially learn about kid’s online safety through government sites and other sites dedicated to educate on Internet safety and cyber threats. There are OTT platforms featuring parental control. Know about their appropriate usage and track your child’s program usage. Advise them to watch age-related programs only.
  5. Keep safe important documents: Avoid giving your personal mobiles and other smart devices to children. Either keep a separate smart device for kid’s entertainment or education use or keep away from child’s reach. There is a possibility that out of curiosity children might go to places and open important documents which cannot be afforded to be lost or brought into public view. Blunders are bound to happen yet double security must be ensured. Passwords and pins should be locked. Social media settings also need to be secured and kept private. Children who are tech-savvy might go a step forward in exploring, in such cases teach your child what can be shared in public and what needs to be private, what pictures can be uploaded and to be cautious while using the internet.
  6. Keep track of frequency of usage: According to studies it’s advisable for children to be in front of smart screens for longer hours . Also be mindful of imposing too many restrictions which may lead to stubbornness and aggressiveness and enable kids to keep secrets. Encourage your child to opt more outdoor activities. This will help develop good exercise habits, boost immunity and promote good health.


“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Let’s cultivate a healthy environment for our kids as they bloom into wonderful beings on this planet. A stitch in time saves nine. Refining digital usage is essential. Inspire them through your exemplary actions to be responsible kids. Teach early than later regret.