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Cultivating the habit of nurturing plants right from childhood

A revered thing covering most of the planet earth is plants. The existence of plants is the true sign of life. Plant comprises grass, trees, bushes, ferns, mosses, and more. Basically, Plants are made up of leaves, stems, roots, flowers and fruits. It is a living thing that brings life in everyone’s life. It’s a Joy to plant by your own hands, and witness it growing and bearing fruits.

Different varieties of plants bloom according to different seasons of the year and different land spaces.  Every plant has a purpose, be it for medicine, flowering, fruit, food etc. Let’s continue to learn to Value growing plants.

A glance on Natural benefits:

  1.     Plants are used in food chains and can supply fruits
  2.     Plants can be used as medicine and boosts the immune system.
  3.     Plants have the ability to produce oxygen during the process of photosynthesis. (Oxygen is required for respiration).
  4.     Plants can be used to avoid soil erosion
  5.     Plants can be gifted to someone
  6.     Plants can be nurtured at home or nurseries
  7.     Plants can be used for decoration and exhibition
  8.     Growing plants builds eco-friendly space
  9.     Plants help prevent pollution
  10. Plants can be used to make creative articles like its wood is used in making wooden furniture and rubber sheets are used in making erasers.

How to nurture a plant at our home?

Things necessary to grow a plant:

  1.     Seeds
  2.     Soil
  3.     Pot or Container
  4.     Water
  5.     Gardening tools like Spade
  6.     Sunlight
  7.     Air

Steps to Grow a Plant:

  1.     Choose a place to grow your plant either in the garden or in the balcony – suitably a place exposed to sunlight and air as required by the plant.
  2.     Place your pot in that place and add soil. The pot must have one or two small holes, if not pierce one. Place a plate under the pot.
  3.     Dig the soil using garden tool
  4.     Sprinkle seeds in the soil
  5.     Cover it with soil
  6.     Water it
  7.     Everyday monitor, see to its requirements like water, and most importantly care.

Now, we know how important plants are in our life. It is necessary for our survival. Its presence in our surroundings is needed to sustain life on earth. So, let it bloom freely and an eco-friendly environment prosper.