Impact Of Technology In Teaching, Benefits Students |

Impact Of Technology In Teaching, Benefits Students

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Regular research and development are leading to technological innovations that are positively impacting every sphere of life. The education sector is nothing less.

Teachers face a constant struggle to enhance their teaching Methodologies to keep their students more engaged and impart a better education as per the school’s pedagogy. And a simple solution to it is the usage of technology in education.

“Technology will not replace great teachers but, technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.” – George Couros, Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning.

Here are the few benefits of technology-infused teaching –

Improved Student Engagement
Technology supports an interactive and collaborative environment. It encourages students to understand lessons better in a more engaging way. With the use of digital content or projectors or videos or other technologies, the teacher creates a better demonstration for the stimulation of young minds. Thus, along with the subject, the students learn technical skills too. While the technology re-shapes and enhances traditional teaching methodologies, it is a proven fact that students experience better learning.

Heightened Access To Resources
One of the most vital advantages of technology is that lessons are available always. If it is a digital file or a suggested E Book, the student can always easily access the information and stay updated. Hence, the child will have access to better study material and one that is authentic too. In addition, students get to learn the attributes of researching correct information. Moreover, students’ source what they wish to with minimal wastage of time.

No restricted Learning- No Geographical Boundaries or Limitations
With the usage of technology in learning, students can learn from anywhere at any time. Earlier, teachers stayed connected with the students beyond classrooms through projects and homework, but with technology and innovation, the student can learn on their own pace from any distance at any time. Teachers can provide customised guidance and lessons to individual students to help students lagging perform better.

Promotes Technical Skills
Learning coding, robotics and other technical skills from an early age maximises the scope of the students in this competitive world. Nowadays, technical skills are significantly important to stay in sync with the fast-changing society. With the technology enabled teaching, a student gets to have hands on experience even before joining the professional world. This empowers the students and helps them to understand concepts vividly.

Technology involved teaching is not limited to teachers as parents can also use technology at home and provide further insights to students and help them study better.

At CGR, we encourage technology involved teaching as the implementation of technology in education has helped us enhance the traditional techniques of teaching. We constantly revise our curriculum to include innovative technology-induced teaching methods to benefit our students. So, choose us to give wings to your child’s dreams.