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Stay Positive, Stay Healthy!

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The pandemic has hit the nation hard! While the number of Coronavirus cases is are increasing with every passing day, staying positive during this hard time is extremely necessary. This unexpected and unfortunate situation is not only a challenge for all of us but an opportunity to witness a positive change in yourself.

Here are a few tips that will help you to stay positive and keep going during this quarantine –

It is an important aspect to look into. Socializing is a key to keep yourself healthy and energetic. Though physical distance has increased, there is an abundance of virtual meeting scopes. Pick up a phone and call your best friend or your relative, or a friend with whom you haven’t talked to for a long time. Share your experience, listen to theirs. Communication is an important thing as it will help you to stay connected with your loved ones despite the distance and you won’t feel lonely. Sometimes they even might give you advice to better self-care. The more you interact, the more your heart will be happy and energetic.

Stay healthy. Stay strong. And don’t forget to stay in touch!

Nurture Hobbies/Interests
It will be not only boring but unstimulating if you just stay at home and do nothing. Get rid of the monotonous routine of waking up, scrolling news feed, eating and going to bed again. This unhealthy cycle will make you lazy and make your mind depressed. So, instead of spending your time on social media take this time to learn new things, discover your hearts deepest desires and nurture your hobbies and interests. You might find your interest in learning new languages or cooking new dishes or even playing instruments, keep your mood boosted and involve yourself in creative activities. You can also create your own timetable to stay involved in something or the other.

Life will seem more meaningful if you do what you love!

Mental And Physical Health
It is told by experts that good physical health keeps good mental health and vice versa. So staying in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t keep your physical health on point. Walk around your neighbourhood, have some fresh air in your garden or balcony, do indoor workout and take care of your physical health. If you are staying alone then virtual exercise with your friends or family once a week is not a bad idea. While these will keep your physical health well, practice meditation and yoga, which are beneficial for mental health. If you are feeling lonely then don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts with your parents or friends. Many dilemmas and problems are solved by talking it out.

It is time to stay positive and stay healthy!

Amidst this pandemic and quarantine, don’t forget to study, because knowledge is power. Attend the online classes, learn the lessons properly and don’t forget to review all of it before going back to the school.

We hope this will be over soon and we will return back to our normal lives. Till then, let’s stay positive and keep beating the odds.