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A Colourful Saturday

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Do you know few activities come as naturally to young children as drawing and colouring? Whether it’s with some chalks on a board or crayons on a paper, he/she likes to create art as their imaginations are vivid. Drawing and colouring are forms of expression, just like dancing, storytelling, singing and others.

There are many benefits of drawing and colouring for children –

1. Development of fine motor skills
2. Enhances visual analysis
3. Helps in the establishment of concentration
4. Improves hand-eye coordination
5. Heightens individual confidence
6. Helps in solving creative problems

While drawing motivates kids to be creative and use it as a positive reinforcement in their lives, colours matter because it can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. The colour play has the potential to positively impact the child’s mood, emotional well-being, productivity, learning and behaviour.

Here are the few colours and how they can encourage recognition, memory and learning –

1. Red – A powerful, attention-grabbing colour that creates excitement, alertness and influences creativity and increases appetite.
2. Blue – It creates a sense of comfort and suggests loyalty, peace, serenity, calmness and security.
3. Yellow – It enhances clarity, creativity and optimism, thereby, encourages positive feelings and helps in the improvement of attention.
4. Green – This colour, as we all know, symbolises nature and the natural habitats. Green represents tranquillity, cleanliness, balance and growth, thus creates a sense of healing and acts as a stress reliever.
5. Pink – A colour for warmth, nurture, love, calmness and imagination.
6. Orange – It symbolises energy and is a little similar to the colour red as it can create alertness also. Orange encourages passion, warmth, excitement and supports the growth of communication skills.

Colours and drawing are important tools to channelise attention, improve readability and increase the well-being of the kids.

Research has highlighted that colours and drawing play an important role in the kid’s holistic development. Thus, as a part of our upcoming weekly fun activity, we have picked the game ‘Fun with Colours’.

The upcoming amusement details are as follows –

Date: 19.9.2020 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am – 11 am
Venue: Microsoft Team

So, let’s have another get-together and enjoy the time with some dash of colours.

Parents and students get ready for another fun and frolic event and let’s bond, and grow together.

Keep checking our website for more updates. Till then, stay home, stay safe!