Nourishing Imagination And Social Skills With Fancy Dress Competition

Nourishing Imagination And Social Skills With Fancy Dress Competition

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Imagine a kid dressed like a princess or maybe a superhero straight from a comic book – what is the first thought that hits you? Fascinating or how adorable the child looks – isn’t it? Well, that’s not the only significance of fancy dress.

The concept of fancy dress dates back as far as the 18th century and gained momentum in the 1970s as more and more costumes started being readily available.

We have all probably participated in a fancy dress competition at least once in our lifetime. And a child should also because getting the kid into a fancy dress costume can boost his/her social and emotional development. Moreover, children with their imagination, can enhance their interaction and engagement quotient, as well as give themselves the confidence to speak and open up to adults.

What is essential is to let them dress up in something that broadens and encourages their imagination but doesn’t lead it to stereotype. The fancy dress nourishes the child’s social interaction skills and encourages the child to showcase his/her imaginative side to the world. It also helps in buildinge efective conversations and relations from an early age.

So, let the child overcome his/her shyness, embrace compliments, critics, and freely express himself/herself. It will help the child to make better communications with others and learn to control their emotional responses.

Let them be what they want to be and help them to give wings to their imaginations.