Important Lessons to Learn from India’s Cricket Captain – Virat Kohli

Important Lessons to Learn from India’s Cricket Captain – Virat Kohli

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Important Lessons to Learn from India’s Cricket Captain – Virat Kohli

“Time and tide wait for none”, and a person who is intelligent will know the way to. Manage both. This is a very important lesson in our life that teaches us the importance of time. The message does not stop there. Rather it also depicts that despite several ups and downs, a skilful person knows how to rise through the tides (difficulties) and shine bright and beautiful. Just like Indian Cricket Team’s captain Virat Kohli.

From a boy belonging to a middle-class Delhi family, to a team captain who is leading India’s cricket team in the recent ICC Cricket World Cup England & Wales 2019, Kohli sure has come a long way. I am sure his journey is an inspirational story. However, so is the way he leads his team and life. There are many lessons to learn from the way Kohli handles his team, media, and personal life, and like all other leaders he too teaches us numerous lessons.

Gathered here are a few important lessons that you should inculcate from Indian Cricket Team’s Captain – Virat Kohli

  • Success is a Practice, not a Purpose
    The one most important thing that you will learn from the Indian Captain is his zeal. His actions are louder than his voice – play more, score more, and win more. You will never find a slouched Kohli walking up on the pitch for the toss.
    On the contrary, his body language shows his confidence. He always looks ready to go.
  • Ready to be Better than Before
    Over the years, and with feathers in his cap, Kohli teaches us to keep improving. In his own words, he has depicted the story of his will power by saying – “I like to always lead from the front and set an example for whoever is playing with me or around me. I like taking responsibilities. That is my natural thing”.
  • Manage Time & Don’t Let It Manage You
    As a student, there will be days when you will have ample time in your hand. However, you have a choice to either utilize your time, just like your favourite team captain Virat Kohli, who does not waste a single productive moment of his life.
    Or, vile away your time. One that you will never get back in the future.

Conclusion: Hook, pull, cover drive, or square cute. You ask it and Kohli has mastered it. No wonder he was nicknamed ‘Run Machine’. He is a person whose hard work always comes up on the scoreboard.
Cricket might not be your chosen profession, but diligence, persistence, and commitment is the key to grow in any profession. Virat Kohli is an example of all these three, and if you want to follow him, then do it for all the right reasons.

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