Meeting Parents’ concerns during the ‘Pandemic’

Meeting Parents’ concerns during the ‘Pandemic’

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Do you have sizzling concerns for your child in this striking prevalent Covid 19 scenario? Are you overwhelmed with the new normal?

Stay calm because every year has come with some obstacles or the other yet haven’t we survived the tragic events. Struggles teach us to fight and overcome the battle and ignites to come out victorious.

Try 5Ps to satisfy your concerns:

Potential: Every parents’ concern would be to provide the best things for their child starting from food, clothing, toys, including education. In various ways efforts have been put to achieve quality life. Potential is the ability to sustain and cope with every type of obstacles of life. The new existing challenge of pandemic is uncertain. It has turned the entire world upside down. We hope it will heal soon. Home, has given home for most things whether profession or education. The test of potentiality to accept the challenge and find out alternatives is in progress. The best sought alternative for education at this moment was adapting to virtual classrooms. We understand, for parents to deal with office work, simultaneously sit with children during online classes plus to see to day to day projects and upload it online to respective teachers is a hardcore job. Schools are taking efforts to train teachers to help parents ease their burden. The added advantage is parents are now able to see the live performance of classes and how their children respond. Though the initial attempt was tough, we now have coped with the situation. Believe in your potentiality.

Protection: With the view to control the pandemic situation everyone across the globe was restricted to be safe at homes. Following safety measures and guidelines during pandemic is mandatory. Absolutely less commuting, maintaining social distance, wearing masks, and other preventive measures is leading us to cope with the situation. It’s now an individual’s responsibility to be safe and let others be safe. Schools are on the verge of beginning classes for which protection of children is the main priority than the staff and school as a whole. Timely sanitization, orientation to kids, parents and staff regarding Covid 19 preventive measures to be strictly followed.

Prepared: Before Covid 19 was diagnosed, no individual would have been prepared for the situation. Be prepared for any situation; learn to trust the system and for oneself take the sole responsibility to take precautions. Be prepared for the worst. The school campus will be prepared well ensuring quality safety for children during regular classes in near future. This might bother many parents about the safety of their children. For smaller ones it’s even hard to convince them to wear masks full-time and parents can’t be with them 24*7 to monitor. Teachers and staff will be available to support the cause fully, and parents can entrust their kids in their assistance.

Practice: Adapting to the new normal is the trend. Though the Covid situation has resulted in boredom, stress, frustration, unusual eating habits, less physical activity, increased aggressiveness and overall affected children’s behaviors including elders at home. Keeping fit, strong and healthy practices in diet was the beginning. This practice is continued along with stress management and balancing household chores, office work and study hours. Scheduling time for each task and activity would help the situation.

Promising: Without pain there is no gain; without hope there is no future. In this situation being behind the four walls at home has increased boredom and children have found the best way to pass time on digital screens. These habits can be controlled as too much exposure to screens might lead to addiction and reduced interest in academics. Educate and motivate your children to strictly follow Covid guidelines. Even celebrations like birthdays and festivals were this time celebrated on a small scale with only home people and homemade cake and food. It may not have been pleasing for kids but gradually they have understood the situation and have accepted the new normal.

To sum up there is time for every successful event. So let’s work in collaboration in helping our kids to be optimistic and stay healthy. At this point of time it’s essential we forget all differences, negative experiences and move on. With new vigor let’s begin afresh to endeavor new adventures and prepare the younger generation with necessary skills to face the forthcoming future.