The Art of Inculcating Emotional Intelligence In Your Preschooler

The Art of Inculcating Emotional Intelligence In Your Preschooler

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One of the key factors responsible for a Child’s Holistic Growth is Emotional Intelligence, also known as EI. EI recognizes, understands, and manages emotions. As parents, we expect kids to excel in every part of their activities, sports and develop a passion for academics, etc. Many ways can help to teach Emotional Intelligence to your Preschooler.

Let us discuss some important things. Emotional Intelligence is all about recognizing feelings, controlling and channelizing them in the right direction. EI must be developed at an early age and ultimately contribute to the Child’s overall development.

Encourage and Appreciate: Children are more sensitive than elders, and they need a pleasant and trustworthy place to express their emotions. It will be helpful if you are more empathetic and thoughtful by understanding the innate qualities of your child. The act of kindness will enable the expressive potential in your Child where it can be well nurtured further. When you understand your child, they will to great extent open up emotionally and appropriately express their thoughts and perspectives. This will enable them to gradually become responsible and better people in their respective careers.

Enables Free Expression: As we know, every child is special, and they possess unique and hidden abilities. As a parent, you must be familiar with what kind of emotions make your children active, happy, and more responsive. Furthermore, it is vital to help your kids to express their feelings by being cooperative and patient in understanding them. You must be familiar with what kind of things influence their little mind, which, when guided well, helps in integrated development.

Problem-Solving: When you provide enough freedom for your kids to express themselves, they will develop problem-solving skills naturally. Treating the kids with the utmost care when the kid speaks is one of the first steps. All such steps must be practiced without making the kid conscious of the efforts. If implemented and taken care of, all the strategies will bring out the best in your Child.

There are myriad benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence in your children, such as

● Better Teamwork
● Promotes Adaptability
● Competent to Handle Challenges
● Develops Strong Leadership Skills

Hence, people with high Emotional Intelligence (EI) are often more successful than people with High Intelligence (IQ).

Emotional Intelligence in Children

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Children