The Art of Instilling Leadership Skills In Your Children

The Art of Instilling Leadership Skills In Your Children

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As we live in challenging times, children need to learn and grow by overcoming the challenges and creating a win-to-win environment for their careers and life. A famous quote by Nelson Mandela – “Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow,” is inspiring. Self-discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving skills can be taught to the children, positively impacting them in their lives to become great leaders. There are many programs globally, such as training on leadership skills, which can be enrolled at any point in our respective careers. The best and foremost time to help to impart the leadership skills is at the school level age.

Let us now discuss some of the important points that will enable the children to learn qualities of leadership:

1. Adaptability – Children are naturally resilient, and while most of them are comfortable at handling changes, some are not. At this time of the global pandemic, parents now have more time to spend with their children at home and can help their kids in their respective education.
Adaptability has to be built as a practical skill, which helps children navigate this ever-changing world more successfully. There are three types of adaptability such as

  • Cognitive Adaptability: This enables kids to focus on different types of tasks. For instance, children need a mindset to handle different kinds of challenging tasks such as solving math problems, solving a puzzle, and quickly moving from one lesson to another.
  • Behavioural Adaptability: It is all about children adjusting their actions regarding the dynamic circumstances. Parents must help children in shifting gears from playing games with friends to paying attention to online classes.
  • Emotional Adaptability: Encourage the children to learn how to manage their emotional responses and appreciate how they react to the new challenges. This will help children be emotionally adaptable and cope with the different challenges and handle any emotional situations more comfortably.

2. Self-Management: Self-management is all about teaching children to pay attention to their behaviour and complete their daily activities. It teaches them what is expected from them and the tasks they are supposed to do on a daily routine. Encouraging children in their goal setting, behaviour monitoring, and creating a positive environment will enable them to bring out the best in them. Self-Management among the kids can be achieved by following a checklist such as

By understanding the child’s current level of self-management skills
Understanding the interests of the child can be actively used to initiate a self-management plan for the kid
Considering the challenges and other factors that a child faces in implementing a self-management plan.

3. Crisis Management: As a parent, we tend to give gifts to the children and sometimes it is okay to break this practice. In this way, the child will learn to accept the disappointment and learn that they cannot get everything they desire, and their thought process will be more realistic.

4. Acquisition of New skills: As we know, an ideal leader is a person who possesses multiple skills. By observing the interest and hobbies in your child such as sports, dance, music, painting, etc., you can make your child adapt to any two or three hobbies, which will help them to keenly focus on learning new things and ultimately make learning a habit.

5. Planning & Forecasting: Developing planning skills among children helps them be aware of their responsibilities and goals. Children can schedule their time for reading, playing, homework, playing video games, etc. Let the kids take suggestions and corrections from you regarding their final plan and ready to help them stick to their plan.

Apart from the above, there are many other aspects to be considered, such as encouraging team activities, developing decision-making skills, encouraging perseverance, and emphasizing the value of reading, ultimately contributing to developing leadership skills in children. To know information about admissions regarding CGR International School, please visit this Link

Leadership Skills in Your children

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