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The Positive and Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

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Positive & Negative Effect of Technology on Children
Positive & Negative Effect of Technology on Children

All of us are exposed to technology as part of our daily lives. The time we spend using our technological devices daily is just increasing. Children of all ages are using gadgets and other technological devices globally. Technology has integrated and surrounded our lives. For example, look around you, and you will find at least one of these devices – smartphones, personal computers, tablets, video games, etc.

Let us discuss some positive effects of technology on children

Research & Critical Thinking – The internet provides access to a lot of resources and information that helps children gain knowledge on diverse topics. This helps children work on their areas of interest and other school projects. Children gain skills just at their fingertips and with interactive online content that engages children to learn more.

Expression of Thoughts – Children use some online tools that help them share their thoughts online. This could help them connect with others who share similar interests and understand their perspectives or viewpoints.

Exploring Interests and Creativity – Technology fosters new skills and creativity through various apps for children of all ages. Children discover various areas that perk their interests, such as playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, creative writing, or something related to their academic programmes.

Problem-Solving Skills– Children use gadgets and the internet to learn new skills such as coding programs, drawing programs, visual design programs, etc. that will help them improve their creativity. Creative children always adapt to the dynamic world, and they become successful in overcoming challenges in their life.

Let us discuss some negative effects of technology on children

Health Problems– The overuse of gadgets can be harmful to a child’s health. The more children use mobile devices, the less time they spend on physical activities. Children also play, more online games instead of physical games, with a combination of consuming junk food, resulting in the possibility of weight gain.

Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous– While browsing the internet, children may come across inappropriate content, phishing, etc. Parents should focus on monitoring their children with regard to their browsing activities, which will help children avoid any type of threat.

Affecting Relationships– As children spend a lot of time in different apps and social media sites, they tend to check their mobile devices more often for notifications. Children imitate the behaviors they observe. Parents must try to stay away from their gadgets as much as they can afford and spend valuable time with their children.

Reduces Sleep Quality – Overuse of mobile devices reduces the quality of sleep-in children. Growing children need sound sleep, which helps them concentrate on their sports and academics much better.

Children these days use technology almost everywhere. Technology impacts our children in more ways than we can control, and it is our responsibility to ensure the right use of it. Technology, when used right, has a positive effect on a child’s holistic development.

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Let us discuss some positive effects of technology on children

Let us discuss some negative effects of technology on children