Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children

Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children

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Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Children

With the modern children’s preferences bending towards junk foods, the task of parents to take care of the food habits of their children is getting tougher day-by-day. Tossing out the junk and making healthy snacks with kid-friendly ingredients could be a game changer.

The growing bodies of the children require solid nutrition to help set the stage for optimal growth, development and good health both now and in the years to come. Thus, providing a variety of nutritious snacks to the children is very important.

Let’s know about the top 10 nutrient-packed snacks with which we can delight and fuel our kids.

  • Smoothies
    When it’s hot outside or your children have just returned from a sweaty play session, smoothies are the best option to recharge them. To make a powerful smoothie, prefer liquids or milk with low or no added sugar, fruits, vegetables, yogurt. For extra nutrition, you can add oats or oatmeal that is rich in iron. Apart from filling them, smoothies also hydrate their bodies.
  • Increases agility
    Arts and crafts can bolster the liveliness dexterity of a child. With practice and perfection of fine motor skills, a child’s manual dexterity, quickness and artistic skills will also improve.
  • Cheesy Fruit salad
    At snack time, kids can be best satisfied with cheese. By adding cheese to fruit salad, a protein-packed snack can be tabled before the children. Cheese is rich in calcium and protein, vital nutrients that help the children’s muscles and bones to grow bigger and stronger.
  • Freeze-dried fruits
    Children generally don’t like eating fresh fruits and veggies, so the other way to fill them with the vitamins is freeze-dried fruits and veggies. Dehydrated broccoli, okra, beets are the great snacking alternatives as these are sugar-free. Freeze-dried apples, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, peaches and other fruits are tasty for the kids and filled with antioxidants.
  • Whole-grain Muffins
    Whole-grain, veggie-filled muffins are the great ready-to-pick snacking options that can be stored for a week. Add carrots, potatoes and fresh fruits to the mix to pack the muffins full of fibre and antioxidants.
  • Hard-boiled Eggs
    Hard-boiled eggs are the protein-packed snacks that can be ready in just minutes. Apart from protein, eggs are very rich in choline, which is essential for proper brain development, nervous system and muscle function.
  • Cut Fruits with Nut Butter
    Nut butter is a superb source of healthy fat and kid-friendly too. Whether they prefer almond, peanut, sunflower or other nut butter, smear their favourite spread on fruit slices or make a tasty dip by adding Greek yogurt.
  • Frozen Fruit Pops
    What could be a better treat for kids than frozen fruit pops at snack hours? Add all the favourite fruits of your kid to the pop and avoid adding sugar. This protein-rich snack just excites the children and keep their bodies hydrated during summers.
  • Milk Chocolate
    Chocolates made up of pure milk make great snack because it contains protein and nutrients that nourish kids. It can be served as it is along with other snacks at any time.
  • Whole Grain Crackers
    Whole grain crackers are made up of whole grain wheat flour which is rich in fibre and carbohydrates. This snack helps digestion and gives enough energy to kids throughout the day.
  • Almond Granola Bar
    This healthy and kid-friendly snack contains white oats which provide 71% carbohydrates, 11% fibre and 16% protein to make it a nutritious combination.

Conclusion: At CGR International School, we suggest the parents to make the most of every eating opportunity of their children by preparing nutrition-packed delicious snacks. Making the kids spend time with parents in the kitchen also helps them learn valuable cooking skills and understand the importance of nutrients in their diets.

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