Importance of School Counselling in Enhancing Students' Performance |

Importance of School Counselling in Enhancing Students’ Performance

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Importance of School Counselling in Enhancing Students’ Performance

Only covering the syllabus and expecting the students to do well at the end of the academic year is not all a teacher should do with the students. All students in a classroom are not the same in terms of their background, financial status, social behaviour and academic skills. Therefore, understanding their emotional concerns, guiding them and providing timely moral support can impact their overall performance remarkably.

Let’s discuss how far school counselling is helpful in enhancing the students’ performance.

  • Improves academic outcomes
    The counsellors need to identify the weak students by conducting individual counselling and find out the reason behind their set back. Such counselling needs to be data-driven. Through step by step counselling and moral support, the students’ academic performance can be improved.
  • Enhances their decision-making skills
    Whether it is academic or personal, school counselling can help the students improve their decision-making skills. Backing them when making decisions at crucial points of their lives can impact their future in a positive way. A few encouraging words from the counsellors at needy times can change their outlook towards studies, family, and life.
  • Keep the surface of shared objects dust-free
    Flu viruses persist up to 8 hours on surfaces. As such, pay attention to cleaning germs from tables, toys, TV remotes, phones applying hot soapy water that could help in getting rid of influenza.
  • Reduces school dropouts
    The main reason behind school dropouts is the lack of confidence in children and motivation from teachers and parents. A proper counselling can give emotional as well as moral support to the children to face every situation by overcoming failures. Through thorough counselling of the concerned kids, the school can be made a better place for them by making requisite changes.
  • Boosts emotional and social skills
    Apart from aiding them to excel in academic performance, counselling plays a dominant role in their personal development as well. Through individual interviews, the counsellor can identify their mental health issues and provide them special behavioural therapy sessions. The counselling sometimes extended to parents and teachers talks for students grappling with family issues.
  • Improves health and wellness
    Bullying is very rampant these days, especially cyberbullying. In such cases, school counselling plays a major role in helping students to overcome the depression and face the situation confidently. Thus, helps them stay fit from the mind.
  • Ensures career readiness
    A school is the platform of students before going for higher studies and a counsellor can play a vital role in making them ready for college and the challenges they may face in their career path.

Conclusion: A counsellor’s job is not just to work with students only for the stipulated time frame, but to help them move in the correct direction and with better focus. In fact, it is the responsibility of the teachers, school administrators and parents to provide a comfortable place for children at school as well as home.

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