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Junior School at CGR


We have developed MyPedia Curriculum which is the country's only fully-integrated learning programme that promises measurable improvement in cognitive skills of the learner. MyPedia integrates all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed manner.comprises of teaching plans which bring together.

The course book.


Videos and assessments.

Teachers' professional development and school support visits by specialists.

Specially crafted course books that use an Inter-disciplinary learning approach and a robust pedagogy.

Worksheets designed for multiple difficulty levels with an assessment rubric that helps to record overall performance of the learner.

Systematic teaching plans for the teacher.


At CGR children are encouraged to grow confident users of English in an active yet informal way. A three pronged strategy gives them ample opportunities to build on their language.

At every level our aim is to build on the LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills of the students.

The phonics programme at CGR lays the foundation for early reading ability and helps students understand the rules of the language.

Reading is an intrinsic part of the curriculum and the habit is inculcated in our students from the Pre-Primary level. A spacious and generously stocked library with books from all genres and age groups make for happy and informative reading. Every week each class visits the library to select a book of their choice which they take home.


Our educators work on building a healthy respect for the National language or the language of the state, whichever be the case. Special care is taken to absorb educators who are not only fluent in Hindi and Telugu but English as well. This is especially helpful for children relocating from other countries and states where these are not taught. Our NRI students are proof of the fact!


The approach to Math is conventional in places. At CGR, age old practices such as the learning of tables and regular practice are given due importance to give children an edge over others and provide them with mental dexterity. Innovative worksheets, real life experiences make Math easily understandable. Through structured learning and activities children are encouraged to understand basic mathematical concepts which encompass shape, space and position, pattern and relationships, measures and numeracy.

The year 2011-12 saw the integration of the Abacus Programme into their Math curriculum. The abacus programme is beneficial not only in improving their speed and accuracy of computing skill, but also improves their concentration, comprehension, retention and recall and logical reasoning.


Science at CGR emphasizes on a hands-on and minds-on approach to learning. Students are given opportunities to interact with the natural world, to have direct experience with common objects, materials and living things in their environments so that they can come up explanations about the world they live in. The aim is to encourage them to ask "why" questions in an attempt to seek greater understanding about objects and events seen, observed and heard about. Science is not limited to the confines of the classroom or the lab. Field trips and experiments add an interesting dimension to learning. Field Trips are conducted periodically in accordance with the ongoing topic.

E-content from Teach Next heralds the beginning of 3-D learning at CGR! Innovative 2D and 3D audio-visual animations make even difficult concepts easy to understand and accelerate learning.


At CGR, ICT paves way for students to enhance their knowledge in collaboration with the ongoing topics thereby adding other dimensions to their learning.

There is a computer in every class to support the children's learning.

Classes have online access to a number of educational websites to make learning for children.