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Stress Free Assesments

Assessment is an integral part of instruction, as it determines whether or not the goals of education are being met. It inspires us to reflect on whether we are teaching what we think we are teaching. A well-defined monitoring and evaluation process with relevant indicators is the basis for the development of every individual pupil at CGR. Assessments are carried out periodically and are all based purely on a grading system. These assessments are more diagnostic in nature and are only meant to help the educators and the students identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The outcome of the assessments enables students as well as the educators to analyze and take remedial action if required.

At the pre-primary level there is no formal assessment of the pupil. It is an ongoing process that aims at strengthening the child in areas and activities where he needs support and guidance. The home-room teachers have an in-depth understanding of each child, not only academically but behaviorally as well. All attributes of a child's personality are taken into consideration while assessing them as our aim is to groom them into complete individuals.

At the primary level we follow continuous and comprehensive evaluation endorsed by the CBSE. The pattern of assessment adopted at CGR is completely stress free as it follows a weekly cycle. The stipulated day of assessment is Wednesday. The day has been especially chosen as absenteeism is the lowest in the middle of the week. Our educators shoulder the responsibility of revisiting the done concepts and have recapitulation time to help students sail through the assessments without stress. The academic session is divided into two terms and each term is further divided into two cycles. Each cycle takes 4/5 weeks for to complete as the assessment is on a weekly basis. The special care taken to ensure that the knowledge imparted is more in-depth and exhaustive and not superficial puts our students at ease in all situations.

The assessments are accompanied by a letter grade. To facilitate better understanding of the child's performance the grades have narrow sub-divisions. The school hand-book contains all the details of the assessments so that students and parents alike have all the necessary information. Regular PTA Meets ensure that the ward's progress is communicated to the child.