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Best ideas for enhancing science education

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Getting students closer to science

Undoubtedly, strong education is a vital link to building a strong scientific workforce. Over the years, other subjects have taken precedence over science in the teaching curriculum.

How does CGR International School ignite scientific curiosity?

At CGR, science education begins at the elementary school. The school curriculum is tuned to better scientific approaches. Students are enlightened on how the great discoveries of the past came into being.

Science Projects

  • The school makes a difference to young students’ comprehension of and interest in science through conducting demonstrations on the topics and chapters of Physics and Chemistry.
  • Teaching how science works by way of such-real world examples makes the children learn science concepts with fun. The very purpose of holding science demonstrations is to enable young students in understanding intricate and critical concepts of sciences with ease.
Science Projects

Science Exhibitions and Science Museums

  • Science exhibitions, Science Centers, and Science Museums are strong learning resources and help in bringing science to life. They foster the promotion of student interest, enhanced engagement in science learning, as well as complement school-based instruction.

Science Quiz Programs

  • Engaging students’ interests in science quizzes and science programs would definitely spur talented participants’ interest in exploring science knowledge. Coupled with this, such lead to knowledge exchange in science among young students.

Game-based learning

  • The integration of game-based learning can prove to be a viable strategy to enhance the science knowledge of students. This kind of learning method enables students learn science-specific concepts through participating in educational games.

Science Seminars

  • Students gain understanding on the world of science through science-related activities such as Science Seminars. The participation of scientists and academic science communicators in science seminars inspire students in a big way, besides creating top level of learning and achievement, and positive impact on building interest in a science career.

Science Laboratory Demonstrations

  • Laboratories are crucial means of instruction in science. Science laboratory instructors will have to take up the mantle of building the link between the class concepts and the necessary lab skills and train students on the role of experimentation in sciences. A detailed illustration on the safety standards in the lab, application of scientific apparatus, as well as practical science techniques will go a long way in developing a student’s strong understanding on the subject. Besides, students should be given real problems to work on assignments.
Science Laboratory Demonstrations

Conclusion: Active association between formal and informal learning experiences can bolster interest and enthusiasm for science. The need of the hour is to develop more science-specific learning programs to accelerate proficiency in science. Also, the evaluation of science learning programs is essential to improve science education.

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