How significant is technology in the CGR School Syllabi and how does it benefit students? |

How significant is technology in the CGR School Syllabi and how does it benefit students?

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How significant is technology in the CGR School Syllabi and how does it benefit students?

The importance of technology in a classroom environment

  • Children intend to be interactive and knowledge through technology has now become an integral part of their lifestyle. Technology has the power to create immense opportunities for both the teachers and schools. The role of technology has grown in importance so much so that for new teachers, it is a sheer necessity in the learning environment.
  • As part of CGR School’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the 21st century learners, constant efforts are made to give a boost to technology in the school environment.

CGR School-adopted technology benefits students in different ways such as

Enhances engagement

When technology is blended with teaching curriculum, students are observed to be more focused on the subjects they are studying. Technology creates diverse opportunities to make learning more interesting and enjoyable in terms of teaching same concepts in new ways.

What is more is that technology can trigger more dynamic participation in the learning process that can be tough to achieve through a normal teaching environment. Also, it teaches students in a unique way like taking them to field trips and making use of other online learning resources.

Develops knowledge retention level

Students, who find interest in things they are studying, are expected to have right knowledge retention. As mentioned above, technology can give a fillip to active participation in the classroom, which is an essential factor for enhanced knowledge retention.

Broad forms of technology can be used to determine and decide what works well for students in terms of retaining their knowledge.

Students can gain useful life skills with the help of technology

Students acquire skills what they require to be successful in future. Besides, technology can be a conducive factor in building different practical skills, including creating presentations, ability to distinguish dependable from undependable sources on the Internet, writing emails, and maintaining proper etiquette. All these constitute important skills that can be built in the classroom.

Promotes individuals learning

No student will have same apprehension skills because of varied learning styles and different aptitudes. Technology opens up awesome opportunities besides making learning highly effective for every student with varied needs. For instance, students can set their learning pace, review tough concepts or overlook if they need to. All the more, technology can generate increased opportunities for the disabled or struggling students.

Beneficial to teachers

Teachers have great potential to reform the education system. They can benefit from technology that is cost-effective, easy to implement, and enhance a student’s learning. Teachers can take advantage of technology-based assessments to inform their instruction. Teachers can make out of this information to review their lesson plans and approaches.

How does CGR School integrate technology into the classroom?

  • To engage the interests of kids, CGR integrates certain forms of technology into the classroom thereby making learning and teaching more meaningful and fun too.
  • CGR School conducts workshops to enable teachers make right use of technology tools for instruction and to aid students broaden their technology acumen within the context of regular curriculum.
  • CGR’s computer science labs are built with modern standards and they enable students to apply computer and technology skills in learning and problem-solving.
  • Through integrating tools like the Web, PowerPoint, IOT, Excel, and Smart Boards, and IOT into the classroom, CGR School makes it possible for its students to stay connected with technology. With the help of smart boards and projectors, teachers can prepare PowerPoint presentations in a classroom.
  • At the same time, these smart boards encourage students to write their own ideas. Additionally, spreadsheets, such as the ones generated in Excel, are used in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry to chart different observations, formulas.

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