How to Make a Child an Active Learner

How to Make a Child an Active Learner

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How to Make a Child an Active Learner - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad
How to Make a Child an Active Learner - CGR International School - Best School in Madhapur / Hyderabad

Active learning is crucial for children as it challenges their thinking in real-life circumstances. If kids are active in the classroom, it enhances interest in learning, develops the ability to think independently, teaches decision making, and enlarges participation in studies.

Active learning is a method by which children build new knowledge through participation in activities instead of the typical lecture sessions. It comprises accomplishing tasks by applying theory to gain practical knowledge. These auditory-motor experiences stimulate long-term confinement of information and encourage further learning. Active learning helps in the comprehensive growth of every child and fulfils their spiritual, emotional, cognitive and physical requirements.

Active learning is basic to the full growth of the human perspective and therefore, both teachers and parents should ensure that children participate actively in situations that offer suitable learning chances, whether in the classroom or at home. However, one may be wondering how to make a child an active learner? Few helpful tips for the same are listed below.

  1. Create Opportunities:
    To make a child an active learner, it is vital to create opportunities for them. Teachers and parents alike should frame enough chances for them to actively participate in the learning time. It is important to set comfortable opportunities in the classroom and at home so that children can perform well in different areas.
  2. Mind Warm-Up:
    Starting the exercise session with a small mind warm-up  goes a long way in helping children participate actively during lessons. Teachers can bring in activities that encourage healthy competition and motivate students to be energetic throughout the rest of the class. Group activities and other fun games would help students feel fresher and more focused in class.
  3. Class Discussion:
    Classroom discussions allow teachers and students to share views on a specific topic previously taught. This teamwork activity encourages logical reasoning and critical thinking along with letting kids interact conceptually. Other benefits of class discussions include increased students’ interest and engagement, provides instructors with feedback, promotes preparation, develops students’ speaking skills, and controls the classroom environment.
  4. Bring Visual Tools
    Visual learning is an essential aspect of education that helps children see the information to learn it. It simplifies the learning process and is cost-effective and fun. In addition, visual learning is a better learning tool. It stimulates emotions, increases retention power, makes learning easy, and motivates students. Children usually pay more attention during lessons as visual tools make classes more interesting.
  5. Keep Children Busy:
    As mentioned above, children are happy when they see that their work makes a valuable contribution to the family. They are most excited when they successfully complete a task on their own. As parents, giving the child positive feedback and appreciating his/her effort helps greatly in promoting the confidence of the child. A word of encouragement or praise can strengthen the child’s belief in his/her actions and guide him/her in the right direction.
  6. Cooperative Learning Strategies:
    Another best way to make any child an active learner is cooperative learning strategies, which is nothing but group projects. Cooperative learning strategies offer students the possibility to learn by sharing different perspectives and applying theoretical knowledge taught in class. Group projects foster teamwork among students and encourage them to network with each other in addition to building critical soft skills required in today’s fast-paced world.

Every child has a different pace of learning and every child is unique and they do the best things in their own way. It is everybody’s responsibility to appreciate their uniqueness. To know more about CGR International school please visit this link.